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Frankenstein Essay Research Paper The theme of

Frankenstein Essay, Research Paper

The theme of Mary Shelley s Frankenstein is when you play God it will always come back to plague you. Frankenstein is a creature created from dead flesh sewn together like a jigsaw puzzle of human parts. Victor Frankenstein is the mastermind behind the creation and becomes haunted with the unthinkable of what nature can produce. Nature proved to be more powerful than man. Playing God left Victor Frankenstein with nothing to love and a creature that felt un-loved and un-wanted. Frankenstein created a being a living, breathing being. There are two obvious ways of course creation is only something God can do, creating life using electricty. Besides being creator, God in the Hebrew and Greek Bibles is judge. The monster from the beginning Frankenstein judged the monster and didn t even give him a chance, he took only what he saw on the outside. Frankenstein was a curious man, he had an obsession with life and the science of creating a human being. Yet he later regretted his actions and realized that playing God smacked him right back in the face. He took a power not given to humans and created the monster who he later deserted. After making the mistake of creating the monster he thinks to create another, and again the choice gave him nothing but pain. Frankenstein never showed compassion to the monster who craved to have someone love him. To Frankenstein, he was nothing more then an ugly beast. Frankenstein described the monster as this Great pearly whiteness; but these luxuries only form a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes, that seemed almost of the same color as the dun-white sockets in which they were set, his shriveled complexion and straight black lips” (56; ch.5). Later, Victor sees the creature after a long period of his aimless roaming, and he “trembled with rage and horror” (95; ch. 3;). Frankensteins appearence caused him to be hated and people to run from him when all he wanted was a friend.

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