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Manta Diablo Essay Research Paper Unfortunately this

Manta Diablo Essay, Research Paper

Unfortunately this is the one they call Manta Diablo, the one in the La Paz legends. As they say in their legends, Manta Diablo one of the most fearless monsters that had ever walked this planet called earth. Manta Diablo thinks of himself of a normal Psychologist that walks the streets of La Paz everyday. Which is true, Manta Diablo known everyday as Fernando Diaz or Dr. Diaz is one of the most famous physiologists in the state of California. But at night Dr. Diaz is now known as one of the most fearless creatures, he is known as a monster that takes the souls of the people that do not belong. Diablo is a sick man but yet he is a short one. Diablo is known and well known at that. He knows when to take someone that does not belong and put him or her through the most excruciating pain anyone has ever felt. Also the people in the La Paz area know his work, they know how he torches the people that do not belong, and they after the pain he would put them through. He would do the most horrific ways to murder people. Besides the nick name Manta Diablo at night he is known as the blood thirsty creature that has never walked the streets of La Paz. Besides the way Manta Diablo murders people, which is disgusting the way he looks is even worse. Diablo is described to people as a creature that has seven rows of teeth the size of paring knives and is a tall, dark, hairy creature. The blood thirsty creature has all of these horrific characteristics in him. Another encounter that was made with Diablo that was recorded was that he had taken one of his parents to the top of his office building which was on top of the most famous museums in California and took out a knife and made one quick sweep rite below his stomach. no blood was drawn this time but the pain was so powerful his patient could bare it no more after about ten minutes of this pain Diablo tied his hands behind his back and his feet together and put a rope around his neck. After Manta Diablo had fastened it secure enough but not very tight he tied the other side of the rope to a pull that was on top of the building, then through him off the ledge of the office building. Killing him instantly but the jerk was so hard on his neck that all of his organs and insides had fallen out from the quick swipe of the knife. After this incident no one has ever heard from Manta Diablo but yet do not think that this mass murderer won’t strike again.