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& Hyde Essay, Research Paper

When we see a movie it is difficult to notice the work and effort that the cast puts in. The same applies to a TV show, or music video. This is because hundreds of hours have been put into editing, cutting, and buffing clips and scenes of the film. As a result, the finish product is flawless to the audience. However, when we step through the doors a stage theatre, all that begins to change. We are no longer in a world of cameras and computers; we enter a world of live entertainment. One of the most difficult forms of performing arts is musical theatre. Musicals are elaborately staged stories comprised of acts, scenes and characters the must fit in place in order to make it come to life. Moreover, because it is live, there are no “takes,” no editing, and no doing over. Instead, what you see, is what you get with no questions asked. For example, Jekyll and Hyde is a marvelous musical to see performed, and I had the honor to see it before it closed.

What was the story of Jekyll and Hyde? Before going to see any show, I like to read reviews and the synopsis of what I am about to watch. Before going to see Jekyll and Hyde, the musical, I did my “homework.” I learned a great deal about the history of this long running show. I learned the trials and errors about putting on such an elaborite musical. I also learned about cast members and their history in music theatre. Nothing of what I read compared to anything that a regular movie star has ever done. This alone made me appreciate the musical for what it was worth.

Now, what is this great musical about? The gothic thriller based on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic tale of man’s dual nature, follows the fateful events surrounding Dr. Henry Jekyll, his search for his ideal personality through science, and the tragedy resulting from the release of his darker, evil side. Henry Jekyll, a brilliant young doctor and research scientist, analyses the dual nature of Man–the good and evil. His radical proposals are totally rejected the following day by the St. Jude’s Hospital Committee, chaired by Sir Danvers. Returning home with renewed confidence and determination, Jekyll convinces himself that the logical and only candidate is himself. Within minutes the formula takes effect-disastrously-transforming the gentle, quiet, civilized Jekyll into the vain, uninhibited, violent, libidinous monster Edward Hyde.

As I sat and watched, I opened my mind to a world with no boundaries, no limits, no rules. I stepped into subjective mind, easily lured into the plot of this show. This is something I had never felt; watching a movie or TV show. I was instantly transported into the mind of Dr. Edward Hyde, the mad scientist that made himself the test subject for his new formula. I felt the pain of rejection as the Hospital declined his testing. I understood his reasons for making himself a test subject.

Everything seemed like a dream. It was amazing how everything fit into place. How the costums matched the 1988 era. How the scenery moved flawlessly across the stage. How the music lured you into the show’s intended emotions and plots. Each song fit the scene, adding to the drama on stage. I was no longer in New York City, but in London, England; watching Dr. Jekyll transform into his murderous alter ego. Never have I felt such passion for a performance.

Watching the actors made me yern to be up there with them. It made me want to sing with them; act with them; dance with them. Anxiety ran through by body as I witnessed the Confrontation between Jekyll and Hyde. I wanted, so deperately, to help Dr. Henry Jekyll. Every so often I’d wake up from my dreamy state, and notice how the rest of the audience moved with the musical. They were experiencing everything I was. It was incredible.

I must say, a night at Broadway, is a night I shall never forget. Watching Jekyll and Hyde has started a new addiction; the addiction for musicals. I experienced something there that no other form of performing arts can give me. It made me lose my conscience, and gain more of my sub-conscience. It was breath-taking. I can’t wait to see the award winning, “Les Miserables.”