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Compare And Contrast Essay Research Paper The

Compare And Contrast Essay, Research Paper

The Battle of Guards Today in the world of sport their is a lot of talented players. In National Basket Ball league(NBA), their is a lot of emotional players how stride to be their best. Two of these players are Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway both thrive on breaking down their defender. The weapon for their defenders assault is their wicked killer crossover. Both play a major role on each of their team. A point guard is basic known for being the leader on the team. Allen who players for 76ers, and Tim for the Miami Heat, play the point guard position for their team. Although Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway play the same position, a few similar accomplishment ,and have the same style of play, they are different in career accomplishments, career statistic s, and role their on the team. Playing the point guard position is probably the hardest position. For example, other players and the coach depend on the point guard to become an effective passer, shooter, and defender. In similarity, Allen Iverson know as the Answers because of improving the Philadelphia 76ers and revitalize the team (sports pg20) and Tim Hardaway, a veteran player, both demonstrated an explosive style of play. Each of these player are valuable scorers for their team. Iverson and Hardaway were notices when first entering the NBA, for their cross-over-dribble move and a deadly outside shot.(———) In addition, Iverson who played for Georgetown and Hardaway who played for University of Texas-El Pas (UTEP), both became all-time leading scorers for their school.(——-) , (—-) Also, sharing rookie of the week award. Iverson in November of 1996 and Hardaway in February of 1990.(——-),(——-). Never has either one of them won a NBA Championship throughout their lustrous careers. Despite their similarity’s, each player accomplish different goals. Allen, the answer, was first overall in the 1996 NBA draft.(—-) He dazzles opposing players with his lightning quick cross-over dribble and Big East Defensive Player of the Year award in his two season at Georgetown and all-time leading score, with almost two thousand points in two seasons.. (———–)In his rookie season, he average 23.5 points per game, sixth overall in the NBA.(——) At the age of twenty-one, he became the second youngest player in the NBA to reach the fifty point plateau. (—–) Including five consecutive games scoring forty or more points a night.(——) Also, most valuable player(MVP) of the Schick Rookie Game(—-). These achievements elected him as the rookie of the year. Season after season, Iverson numbers increase. In 1997-98 season, Iverson increase for twenty-two points a game from his rookie season to twenty-five points a game the following season. The following season Iverson lead the NBA in scoring with Twenty-six points per game, capturing the NBA scoring title.(—–) Iverson start on the East in the 2000 All-star game, led all scorers with twenty-six points. (——) Only in his third season, Iverson has surpass four thousand point mark. Iverson Statistics show him as a one man scoring machine. Averaging twenty-five points in his career, along with six assist per game, and three steals a game.(—–)He scored a career high fifty points vs. the Kings, February 6, 2000 Led the 76er s two straight year(1999,2000) to the NBA playoffs.

On the other hand, Tim Hardaway had a different agenda. Tim who was drafted by the Golden State Warriors as their fourteenth pick in 1989. Tim was award Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award as the nation s best college player under six feet. Also, named Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year at UTEP in 1989. Tim became the only second rookie in the NBA history to be top playmaker for a team that led the league in scoring. Hardaway six hundred eight-nine total assist ranked third among rookies on the all-time list. At the age of twenty-four, Hardaway was the youngest player to play in the 1991 NBA All-Star Game. Hardaway received the Player of the week award twice in the same season, Hardaway post a career high of forty-four double-doubles.(———) Hardaway was consider the NBA s premier player make when he dish out nineteen assist in a win against Milwaukee on April 19,1996.(———-) Hardaway Tallied forty-five points for a career high. Tim was named five times on the NBA All-Star Team and Selected twice on the US Olympic team in 1993,2000. (——) Tim Hardaway has collected five thousand points and two thousand five hundred assist faster then anyone in NBA history. Tim s averages about nineteen point s a game lifetime in the NBA, and seven assist.(——–) This upcoming season, Tim Hardaway has signed a one year contract for twelve million dollars. This contract makes him the highest paid point guard in NBA history.(———–) Although Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway play the position, each one plays a different role on the team. Allen Iverson is the top scorer for the 76er s.(—–) He is depend on to put points on the board. On the other hand, Tim Hardaway is known for being an all round player, being on the offense end or defense end. He is more of a contributor to the team. I believe that Allen Iverson should be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Allen Iverson has almost did it all on and off the court. Attendance at the First Union Center has soared up forty-six percent since Iverson became a 76er(———). He has set many unbreakable rookie records ,and is still educating himself. Take time and review individual player, Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway. Both athlete contributed to the sport of basketball. Each player, plays a very affective role on their team. My opinion, they both are doing a good job fulfilling their position.