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Abortion Essay, Research Paper


A stopped heart is the clear sign of death. IF the cessation of heath beat could define death, could the onset of a heartbeat define life? The heart is formed by the 18th day in the womb. If heartbeat was used to define life, then nearly all abortions would be outlawed. Abortions must be illegal. Having abortion done is same as killing or murdering someone. The only way to minimize “killing unborn” is if the laws are made for making abortion illegal. The most important fact I found out from my research was that majority women who have abortions done, are not willing to get abortion done but their circumstances made them to abort child. My subjects were the printed book sources, internet and five ladies whom I surveyed.


News paper, TV news and from girls’ conversations about abortions sometimes shakes me up. I think if we make abortion illegal then women will try to be more cautious and understand their responsibilities. Since abortions is legal now, more than 75 percent of women do not care about being pregnant. They can always go to abort after being pregnant due to their carelessness.

I thought this research will shed light on next generations and abortions will minimize. If these women understand what it takes to abort a child who has not yet born, they will be more considerate. They will be more cautious and careful.

I thought to do research on this topic to find out what women of 21st century think about abortions. Another reason to do research on this topic to find out whether or not they are willing to abort a child or not. This research would also help measure humanity and motherhood of a woman who had obtained abortion in modern days.

National opinion Research Center (NORC) ad surveyed women on their opinion about abortion. The following responses were made by women when they asked, “T ell me whether or not you think it should be possible for a pregnant woman to obtain abortion.

1) 94 percent agreed to obtain abortion if the woman’s health is seriously endangered and only 8 percent disagree to obtain abortion.

2) In the case of rape, 86 percent women said abortion was the right choice but the 14 percent said it was not the only choice.

3) If there is a strong chance of serious defect the baby then 83 percent women ok for abortion whereas 17 percent did not want to abort.

4) 48 (less than 50%) women said yes to abort a child if it was the case of low family income and cannot afford a child. Amazingly 52 percent women did not agree for abortion in that case.

5) If the woman is unmarried and does not want to marry the man then 45 percent women said yes for abortion, but 55 percent women still thought abortion is not the only way to handle fragile situation like that.

6) 45 to 55 ratio was debating on “yes” and “no” for abortion when the married woman does not want any more kids.

For the survey, 3 out of 6 times abortion wins out with higher percentile and 3 out of

6 times abortion does not win. All these statistics shows women’s thinking on abortion. Every women think on abortion at the same time they consider what is the situation that is leading for an abortion option.


I interviewed 5 subjects and asked them question.

- -First lady who was married, 45 years old had obtained abortions 3 times during her mid twenties. She was an Asian and came from a country where son was must to lead the family’s name. She had to abort three times because they were all girls. She did not want to abort but she had to do so.

- Second lady had obtained abortion in her late twenties when she was married. The reason why she had aborted was because of her carelessness. She said she didn’t mind having abortion done.

- Third woman, who was 35 years old, had obtained abortion once within six months of her marriage. She aborted child because she had just got married and her husband and could not afford a child. She thought of her self as guilty for murdering after abortion.

- Forth girl I surveyed was only 15 years old and had abortion done twice. The reason she had abortion done twice was because of her partner’s and her wildness and carelessness. She didn’t mind having abortion done on her.

- Last girl I interviewed was 20 years old and had obtained abortion once. She was having affair with a guy with her parents know about that. And meanwhile she became pregnant from him. She aborted that child because she was not married to that guy and had that kid. Another reason why she aborted was because what if her parents know about and they do not approve that guy for her to marry with. She really didn’t want to obtain abortion but had to get it done for her own sake.

The questions I used for my survey were as follows:

- Age ?

- How many times have you obtained abortion and at what age?

- What was the reason for abortion?

- When you thought of aborting, didn’t your soul stop you from killing an unborn innocent baby?

3 out of 5 women’s soul was hurt when they had to obtain abortion because of their situations. I also referred to others research on abortion to find out more about abortion.


- I found out from my research and survey that most of the women who obtain abortion are not willing to get. They just get it because of their circumstances.


The data and results from my research, divert my mind for let abortion be legal. My original idea about abortion was to make it illegal. But now after finding out facts why women obtain abortion, I think abortion should be legal to protect woman’s right and health.

In my research, many women whom I did not know hesitate to respond to my questionnaire. They thought that did not need to reveal their personal life to any stranger for no reason.

I would have done whole research differently if I given a chance. I would have visited doctor’s office where women get abortions done. That way I would have large amount of data for my research. I wouldn’t have to go to any women since I can check the forms they fill out at doctor’s office and get all information needed. I would only ask each woman about how they feel after abortions. This question would measure their true feelings about abortion when they have just obtained abortion.

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