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Poverty Essay Research Paper There are many

Poverty Essay, Research Paper

There are many different income groups that make up the world. There is high income, middle, and low-income groups. These include countries such as the United States, Britain, Austria, and Switzerland. The middle-income groups account for as much as one-third of the world s humanity. This group includes countries such as the former Russia, and Eastern Europe. Low income groups, unfortunately are mostly farmers they donor always have food because they are taxed for what they sale and the rest are hard workers but only get paid a small amount and other may not be qualified or may be to old or young and also to sick to work. It is bad because its those people who make up about sixty nations globally, they also make up one-half of the world s population. This group includes countries such as Ethiopia, India and Peru. These individuals are greatly limited to the complex machinery needed to produce sufficient crops. These Countries with the least developed economies have the world s highest birth rates. Populations of poor countries double every twenty-five years. In some countries people have to wait in line for there next meal. Every year 15 million children die because of malnutrition The deficiencies diseases cause are various, even the lack of one nutrient can make body very ill. One is called protein deficiency, which is caused by the lack of protein. Another deficiency is a calorie deficiency, which is cause beating less food than the body, needs. The symptoms for this deficiency include the loss of weight, lack of appetite, tiredness, it stunts growth and it also makes the body incapable of fighting diseases. Racket is one other disease, which is cause by the lack of vitamin D. it makes your bones soft, deformed and weak. Some rich countries try to help the unfortunate by sending food and goods like tractors. But since oil is expensive and tractors break down it makes it effortless. Making roads and railroad take time and much planning, but in the long run help the country. Wealth usually flows from poor societies to rich nations through taxes. Rich countries may try to help out but they often do the wrong thing because they might send food, which is difficult for a malnourished person to digest.