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Environmental Effects In Movies Essay Research Paper

Environmental Effects In Movies Essay, Research Paper

Environmental Effects

There are many different environmental factors which determine how a movie is perceived by any one individual. These effects include, but are not limited to, location of movie viewing and with whom the movie is viewed with. These effects can differ dramatically and are the most potent of which can affect the comfort level of an individual viewing a specific film.

The first environment in which one can view a movie is the home. At home is the most comfortable place to watch a movie for anyone. You can sit in your own chair and relax. Comfort is the number one priority and there is absolutely no concern about anyone else around you. Movies can be viewed at your own leisure. You can feel free to stop or pause a movie whenever you want. You can go to the bathroom with no worry if you will miss an important part of the movie. There are also no crowds if you watch a movie at home. You don t have to rush to be first in line to get a good seat. You are guaranteed the best seat in the house with no tall person sitting in front of you. The only possible downfall of watching a movie at home is that the audio/video system may not be as high tech as the one at the theater. However some people spend a descent amount of money on home entertainment systems to make a theater-like environment.

A night out at the theater has just as many bad parts to it as good parts. The best part of seeing a movie at the theater is that you can see the latest movies. It is possible to see a movie the day it is released. There is nothing like telling your friends about a new movie and knowing that they have had no chance to see it. The worst part about going out to see a movie is the crowds. Even though you may get to see a movie the day it is released, you will definitely have to deal with crowds. There are hundreds of other people going out to see the same movie you are. This may not seem like a problem to some people, but to others this may pose a threat. A threat that may be overcame by renting a movie for home viewing. No rented movie viewed in a home can compare to a movie viewed on a gigantic screen at the theater. The most impressive part of going to the theater is the screen and sound that comes with it. There is nothing like feeling a movie as you watch it on a huge screen that seems like it is just inches from your face. It feels like you are genuinely part of the action, something that is not easily duplicated in a home environment.

A third environment that is uncomfortable for nearly everyone is the classroom. Most people have to watch a movie during a class at one time or another. This environment has several problems that make it uncomfortable. The first of which is that the seat is hard and rigid, not allowing you to lean back or kick your feet up. You have to pay attention to the movie as well. Because you are in school, the movie is being shown for an educational purpose, so there is no snoozing if the flick is boring. A final reason that watching a movie during class stinks is that most of the time the movie will be of no interest to anyone.

A second type of factor that affects the way you view a movie is who you view the movie with. When you view a movie with your parents its is next to never a comfortable environment. You do not feel free to act out socially, that is, you can t make comments that you normally would if you were with your friends. Your actions and emotions are both inhibited. You are primarily worried about doing something stupid in front of your parents over watching and enjoying the movie.

When you watch a movie with a date, you are nearly as uncomfortable as when you are watching a film with your parents. You have some of the same concerns, plus a few more. You don t want to do anything foolish to upset your date. You are trying to impress the person you are with, so you play it cool, not acting out as freely as you wish. You keep your comments to yourself and your primary focus is again not on the movie, but rather to contain your emotions and actions in front of someone whom you might soon have feelings for.

Watching a movie with friends is the most relaxed of all environments. Everyone in the group feels free to act however they please. There is no worry about embarassing yourself by doing or saying something stupid. When you are with your friends the primary concern is to relax and watch the movie and have fun. It is a complete social experience. This is the best environment to watch a movie in. No matter what the location of the movie viewing, when you are with your friends you feel free and comfortable enough to say and do whatever comes natural.

I have listed and told about the different types of environments in which a movie can be viewed. I have explained the effects of each type of environment in how they alter the movie viewing mood. Each situation provides a unique experience for each individual.

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