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’s Dollhouse Essay, Research Paper

The Songbird?s Dollhouse?

?A Doll?s House?, to me is a story of what one would do for their true love. What are the limitations of true love? Would you put your self in jeopardy to save your loved ones life? I believe there are limitations, even though most people would disagree and say that life is not worth living if you can?t be with the person you love. Maybe I?ve never truly been in love, but life is the most splendid gift, and until the day it happens, right now I die for no one. At least you have to take actions that are reasonably thought out. Unlike what Nora did in the play.

When her husband was sick and almost dying she borrowed money from a man so they could go on a trip to get him better. There is nothing wrong with that except for the fact that Nora?s husband, Torvald is very proud of the fact that he never borrowed money from anyone. That his career successes were all from hard work. It is just his nature to be proud of this, which I do agree to, that is something to be proud of. In order to get this loan, Nora also forges her dead father?s name. Not a smart move on her part. Later on in the play, Krogstad, the money lender, wants to get payback because he?s about to be terminated. He can get Nora and her husband in big trouble, most likely arrested. Her heart was in the right place, she wanted to save her husband, but look at what the outcome of her actions are. She is trapped. Even though Krogstad doesn?t go through with telling Tolvard about what happened, he finds out anyway. Now he doesn?t trust Nora. This is why I chose the pattern of Tolvard repeatedly calling Nora his little ?lark?. When I hear that I get the picture of a happy, carefree bird. Even though Nora seems to be this in the beginning of the play, by the end she is troubled, worried and quiet the opposite of carefree. Nora is quite the contrary of Tolvard?s little lark. He is almost na?ve to the fact that she is capable of doing such a thing. An honest little bird, betraying her husband, even though it was for his best interest. She changed their lives forever. I guess the songbird sings a sad song today.

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