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Space Above And Beyond Essay Research Paper

Space: Above And Beyond Essay, Research Paper


“SPACE: Above and Beyond” by Peter Telep is a fantastic book. I recommend it to everyone who loves anything science fiction. To me the theme of the story is to never let go of your dream. The main characters in this book include Nathan, who the story is based around, his girlfriend Kylen, who dies, and new friends that he makes. The story was told from a third person point of view. The story is set in the 22nd century. The different settings include The Marines Air Space Base, where most of the story is told, and fighting in space with aliens. The Teleps tone is very modern and futuristic type. Teleps always talks about things that they used to back in the old days, which is our present time. The story is basically about Nathan who was supposed to go the space with his girlfriend Kylen and several others to start a colony on a planet in space. This colony was started to start new life in space and the people who went would never come back to earth. Nathan and Kylen were planning everything for their future, marriage children, and their house they were going to live in. About six hours before launch Nathan and Kylen are ordered that, because of limited space, one of them must stay behind. Nathan tries to stow away on the shuttle but gets caught and Kylen goes to space. All Nathan has from Kylen is a necklace with a recording device on it, which she records “I believe in you”. Kylen goes to space and a war breaks out with aliens and everybody gets killed who was sent on the shuttle. Nathan mean while joined the Marines Air and Space program and meets some good friends that he later flies with and fight battles against aliens. The main reason he joined was to go to space and find Kylen because he wanted to believe she was still alive. He makes good new friends and they win a war over the aliens. The friends go through a lot together like loosing a fellow marines on a mission to mars.