The Morgue Essay Research Paper The MorgueIt

The Morgue Essay, Research Paper

The Morgue

It was time to go now. The patient was in desperate need of repair. I had to go to the morgue. It never fails to be the most miserable type of weather when I make the trip. Cloudy, cold and dreary looking all around. So, off I went to find the organs needed for transplant.

I arrived around 2pm. I brought along an assistant in case I needed an extra pair of hands to remove the organs needed. We signed in at the front reception area and went in. Oh, the vast area of the dead. It was a surreal setting. The corpses all laying in neat, long rows with their bodies all open for the perusal of vultures like ourselves to come along and handpick the necessary organs.

So, off we went down the long aisles looking through the bodies. Some long dead, some newly so. I noticed a few that had been brought in due to fatal burns. I also realised as I looked for the right ‘match’ for my patient, that 90% of the victims had already had their ‘hearts’ plucked from them. It seemed sad to me somehow. It also seemed sad that the heart was apparently most in demand for transplants. As I pondered this I walked along, looking for my match. I walked up to one that resembled what I wanted, but it would turn out to be a ‘close call’ but ‘no cigar’…sigh.

I viewed each corpse, and wondered to myself, what their ’story’ may have been, what brought them here? On some there were painfully obvious burn wounds, and others I deduced were caused by ‘alcohol’ related reasons. Some I’m sure, were due to having to go because it was ‘their time’.

I started to become concerned when I had gotten two-thirds the way through and found no match as yet. Then I came upon one more, and it was a match! By this time I was quite relieved and excited to find it, I no longer had the sad, serenity about me. I immediately began to rip open the chest cavity of my corpse. Yes, it was a match and the only one here. My thoughts of the dead grew small and thoughts of the life I would save became foremost on my mind. I worked on the corpse and had my assistant help me when it seemed this corpse did not want to relinquish its organs. We were successful in getting the necessary organs. For this, I was grateful.


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