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’s Influence Essay, Research Paper

Princess Diana

Influences are what shapes a person into who they are and what they perceive. People that have a positive influence over us are important in our world whether they are widely known or not. My mom has had a positive influence over me by teaching me the importance of a strong family and building trust with one another. A more widely known influential person is Princess Diana. Princess Diana was a positive influence because she had a soft heart, taught her children in the real world, and used her popularity to her messages across.

Despite the fact that Diana was a very busy woman, she always found time to help out people in need. At one point, she had over 100 charities for AIDS and land mine victims (”The 100 most…”). Lord Thomas, a 37 year old Londoner recalls Diana often stopping by the AIDS hospice where she volunteered to serve to the residents. “She wasn’t there in any official capacity; she would come and visit completely on her own. She did things like this because she wanted to. It was from her heart,” he said (qtd. in Green 22). Diana was an inspiration to people. They would see these great deeds she was doing and it would inspire then with a warm feeling (Hubbard 38). One of the more known occasions where Diana influenced people was in 1987. This was a time when many still feared that AIDS could be contracted through casual contact. Diana won the hearts of millions when she calmly offered her ungloved hand to an AIDS patient in a London hospital (Sanz 48). “This is the most important thing a royal has done in more than 200 years,” said royal reporter Judy Wade (qtd. in O’Neill 43). Diana raised millions of dollars by influencing people to care about the less fortunate.

Even though Princess Diana was royalty, she wanted to raise her children to view all as equals. She was very dedicated to raising her children, and was always there for them. Most royals in the past would give birth to their children, then leave them with nannies as they did their day to day activities (Hewitt 27). Diana loved her children dearly and always had them at her side. Always concerned about her children’s well-being, she would do her best to shield them from the persistent reporters and flashing cameras. All she wanted was for them to have a childhood they would want to remember. She would take her children to amusement parks and special events to give them give them that childhood. Diana believed in showing emotion and warmth with her children in public. Though the rest of the royal family shunned at this, the public loved it and adored her for it (Hubbard 35).

Diana was wonderful because she put her popularity to good use. She would make public speeches that would get people to believe in her. “No one could bring attention to an issue like she could,” said Ken Rurherford. “She was magic with the people” (qtd. in Sanz 53). It seemed that anywhere Diana went, there was a camera or reporter near by. There were hardly any times spent without the media in her face, but was not embarrassed to show her true self. Once the media reviled that Diana was suffering from bulimia, she did not try to hide it. She said that the disorder formed from the pressuring media to stay slim and fit. Her people were very supportive because they knew their princess, and they believed in her (O’Neill 42). Several new charities were then formed, and were dedicated to researching and treating the disorder. With the immense help and support from her Diana had finally defeated the disorder.

Diana was voted the 49th most powerful, influential women in the world. She was always there for her people (”The 100 Most…”). “Nothing gives me more happiness than to try to aid the most vulnerable of this society. Whoever is in distress who calls me, I will come running,” she had once said (qtd. in Green). Diana went from a Lady, to a Princess, then to a mother. Through all of this she had influenced the royal family, her children, and her people. Her main message was to treat everyone as equally despite their differences; and not to fear them because of their differences. Using her celebrity to focus on breast cancer, drug addiction, and the carnage wrought by land mines, she had, by the time of her death, largely fulfilled her goal of becoming the “Queen of Hearts”. As time passes on, she will always be remembered for being the “Peoples Princess” (Sanz 53).

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