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Roman Architechture Essay Research Paper Jessica FreemanArt

Roman Architechture Essay, Research Paper

Jessica Freeman

Art History

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Roman Architecture

The buildings created by the Roman architects were innovative, in the sense that specific qualities of the building were borrowed from other cultures. The ability to take from other cultures to apply to theirs created a new outlook for architecture. The Romans were learning new ways to accommodate for the growing population and become utilitarian and also pretty at times. Several of the techniques they used helped to influence the types of buildings they built.

To accommodate for the mass number of people attending festivities and religious centers the Romans had to learn new ways to create open spaces. This was often accomplished by creating round areas. Round spaces hold or appear to hold more people than squared areas. To make a rounded area strong and yet sophisticated an arch was employed. The arch allowed for large spaces and for reliefs to be carved above the open space. The Romans applied the arch in most major buildings and was common for entrances. The arch was a sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing addition to even common homes. The reliefs carved into or above the arch were necessary to remind the citizens of the numerous military accomplishments. Placed over the curved entrance was an appealing space to hold the pictures and words. The unified design became important due to the scores of borrowed styles, and the arch was easy to work with. The ways in which the arches are used varies in every building and there are many styles of arches. The main technique developed and utilized by the Romans was the arch.

Why the arch to create the large spaces? The Romans could have made the Pantheon square or a rectangular Colusem, and still the arch and the rounded structures were chosen. The round version of buildings is the second technique to influence the way large and important structures were built. The population of Rome was rapidly expanding, as was the empire. To accommodate and also to entertain the growing numbers of people the Romans used the Colusem. A very large and round structure the Colusem could hold the masses of people. To make such large structures that would endure the tests of time and people, and be built faster, the Romans realized a change in the medium used to build would have to change. By using concrete, they allowed for the structures to be built quicker and to look more solid. The advancements in architecture helped change the way many buildings looked. The Romans changed the very process of the construction of the temples and markets.

A form of the utilitarian design the Romans used is the Market of Trajen. The market?s arches are found in the barrel vault design rising very high. The barrel vault creates an open space in the air, giving the idea of larger space on the ground. This structure is not round because the Romans needed square areas for merchants. The Roman?s architecture is based on necessity. All of the buildings are made with a greater purpose and are well planned. The Romans learned to maximize space, to minimize tramplings. To relive some of the darkness and heaviness inside the Market of Trajen a clarestory was used to create a walkway above the shops and also more light inside the shops. The advancements in the architectural techniques created a more useful space for Romans.

The Colusem is an example of a round structure in Rome. To withstand the massive amounts of people it would hold the architects built it round, allowing for a good view anywhere in the structure. Also built of concrete, its sturdiness allows it to still stand today. Built for battles and slayings, there is even a space for the Colusem to fill with water to allow for mock ship battles. As an example of a structure that has arches, the Pantheon. Also built in the rounded style, the Pantheon employs arches to hold the structure up. The arches allow for a taller and freer, while still strong, building. The arches hold more of the weight than columns could have. The Romans learned to mix a number of new procedures to create stronger and even prettier structures.

While there were numerous ways the Romans learned to utilize new techniques the need for more space created a drive for innovation. The techniques the Romans borrowed and developed helped to influence the structures they built. The arch, the rounded structures, and the use of concrete are a few of the techniques to influence the Romans.



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