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Piranhas Essay Research Paper I am doing

Piranhas Essay, Research Paper

I am doing my Biome report on an animal known as an piranha.

Piranha?s are very interesting animals and I am going to tell you about

what I have learned about the animal that lives in the amazon river.

The Piranha is the Amazon River?s most famous resident.

Piranhas are an meat eating fish with razor sharp teeth that are

capable or tearing through and or into fish. In certain seasons The

Amazon River?s banks may over flow causing many injured animals

that may be bleeding to fall in to the river. If they are bleeding the

piranhas can smell it, and then them swarm around in devouring it

within minutes, only leaving the skeleton behind.


Piranhas are most dangerous during daylight because they can

better see their prey before attacking it. During the night piranhas

rest very quietly around rocks, plants, and many other protected

areas. (www.piranha.org/biology.html)

Piranhas often travel in small loosely organized groups. Whether

they are living in small or large groups they seem very suspicious of

each other. If a Piranha violates another Piranhas surroundings they

threaten them or they use aggression. They also approach them

from the rear because they become very disturbed, when approached

from behind.

Piranhas usually leave larger animals than them alone, but

during certain seasons they attack more often. When the weather is

very dry the lakes and or rivers they live in

begin to dry up. This means they have less food and less room, so

they scramble to eat everything in sight, even other Piranhas.

Piranhas have many hunting methods such as, ambush,

approaching under guise, active chases, stalking, and aggressive

mimicry. I am going to tell you about active chases and approaching

under guise, because you may not know what they are. Active

chases is when small groups of piranhas attack small schools of fish,

causing them to scatter. then they all find a single specimen to hunt.

They usually attack the fish by the tail, no matter what method is

being used. The other hunting method is approaching under guise.

During this method they attempt to get in the fishes view without

showing any interest in them. They go closer and closer without

letting the fish feel harmed, and at the last minute they sweep over to

their prey and chew off a piece of the fin. (www.piranha.org/nature.html)

That is the information I found out about Piranhas. Piranhas

are a weird and scary species, but I enjoyed doing a report on them.

Thank you for listening to what I have had to say about Piranhas.