Regretfully Thankful Essay Research Paper Rachel David

Regretfully Thankful Essay, Research Paper

Rachel David10/4/00

English 110 Letter to the Editor

Regretfully Thankful

?University of Abuse, Why are Star Athletes Getting Away with Sexual Assault?? by Jan Goodwin. Glamour, October 2000. I am glad that this issue was addressed. There are thousands of young women who are raped everyday on college campuses and, are unable to have justice served to them. There are not enough laws protecting young women today in the event of a rape. Not too many people want to hear the confessions of a rape victim. It is so important that they are heard and I just wanted to thank Glamour for doing so. It is also important that the mention of the many athletes who get away with so much just because they are needed to ?win the game.?

It is sad, that in this day and age, an article is needed to inform society about horrible incidents, like the ones mentioned in the article. You would think that since it is the twenty-first century authorities wouldn?t make light of this subject. However most school administrations are in denial and, they also do not want to deal with the politics that come along with it. I was unaware that a major reason athletes get away with sexual assault is due to the selfishness of the administrations as well as some coaches. Money is a major controlling factor in many people?s lives, especially if it is thought to be the future of a college?s success in regard to its sports team members.

I have a friend who was a victim of rape in a university. She of course was told that she could not prove anything. Due to the fact that there was not enough evidence for the case to go to trial. As a result of her denial of a trial she did a lot of research on the rules and regulations in regard to sexual harassment and rape on college campuses. In her quest she discovered that there was no real rape and sexual harassment counseling, nor were the regulations and rules very good. She along with some of her friends made a proposition for special counseling for rape and sexually harassed victims to be able to go. Her proposition was successful and now there is a place for young women to be able to go to and talk to someone in confidentiality about anything. No one should have to go through a tragedy such as a rape or sexual harassment alone.

Perhaps universities should go and look at some of their rules and regulations in regard to rape and sexually harassed victims. Most college campuses don?t really care. As was inferred in the article girls don?t know what the difference is between rape and just kissing. That is the most ridiculous statement. It makes you wonder if those police officers have any education at all.

If you are a victim and you know it then you shouldn?t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nor should you let anyone get away with telling you it would be less painful. The minute you hear that you should say to yourself, ?less painful for me? Less painful for the rapist.? The advice given in the article mentions all this and more. Many people are unaware of what to do in the event of a rape. In many cases campus guidance counselors and the like give victims terrible advice.

I think it is unfair that when a rape victim is brought into testify any part of her past can be used against her. Many times lawyers from the other side bring in the stupidest evidence. It disturbed me that Anthony Peeler?s not so perfect past was not allowed to be brought into the trial but Angi Link?s past was. I empathize with Angi Link?s feelings towards the outcome of her trial. Money can?t buy back your trust.

While the outcome of both incidents mentioned in the article weren?t what the victims wanted. I?m sure they are both still hoping and praying for the day in which they have complete satisfaction and revenge from the accused.


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