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Cyrano 2 Essay Research Paper Cyrano s

Cyrano 2 Essay, Research Paper

Cyrano s excessive honor is his tragic flaw that leads to his inevitable death.

Throughout his life time, Cyrano is obsessed with keeping his honor and pride intact

which causes him to endure pain.

Cyrano s life without Roxane demonstrates excessive honor as a tragic flaw. The

pain he feels without her eats at his soul. Cyrano cannot have her love because he feels he

must be true to his word. Because Cyrano has promised Roxane that he will help her fall

in love with Christian, he cannot admit to her his true feelings. This is the costly price that

Cyrano must pay for his prestige. Roxane finally comes to the realization that she is in love

with Christian for his mind and not his looks. Cyrano is overjoyed for he knows the

Roxane is in actuality in love with him, but he cannot tell her because of his dignity. When

Christian dies, Roxane says, He is dead now… and Cyrano says, Why, so am I-/For I

am dead, and my love mourns for me/And does not know… Cyrano inflicts the pain on

himself because of his obsession with honor.

Cyrano s pride is excessive in the grand gestures he performs. This is shown when

Cyrano forbids Montfleury to act in the play. Montfleury decides he wants to act anyway,

provoking Cyrano to arrive steaming mad and throw him out. The crowd becomes upset

because now they will not be able to see the play. To compensate for this Cyrano throws

out his purse and says, I will not wound the mantle of the Muse/Here, catch! He gives

all the money he has for a month to the crowd in order to keep his honor intact. Also,

when Cyrano is offered food from the orange girl, he declines. Cyrano and the people

around him know that he is hungry and realize that he has just thrown out all the money he

has to live on. The fact that he has the choice to have food and did not take it exhibits the

importance he places on his prestige and pride and goes hungry as a result. Cyrano s pride

that resulted in grand gestures caused him to go through pain.

Lastly, Cyrano s death displays his extreme honor. His honor and pride link in two

ways to his death. Cyrano s great amount of pride deterred him from getting a patron.

Without a patron, Cyrano had no protectio thus, allowing a log to fall on his head. Also,

Cyrano s honor towards Roxane links to his death. He is suffering from a severe head

injury and is told that he will die unless he stays in bed. But, he is so fixated with dying

with esteem that he goes to see Roxane at the convent as he has been doing for years,

even knowing that it will probably kill him. In this case, Cyrano s pride and honor result

in his tragic death.

Cyrano cannot neglect the need he has to keep his honor and pride intact. In the

end, this tragic flaw is the cause of his inevitable death.