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Cyrano De Bergerac 3 Essay Research Paper

Cyrano De Bergerac 3 Essay, Research Paper

In the play of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, many forms of love are shown through each character. Cyrano, Christian, Roxanne, Le Bret, De Guiche, soldiers, and Rageneau are characters that showed their love for someone who they love. Also loves have many different significant meaning in my mind. Love is something so strong that it would alter people’s action.

Cyrano’s love for Roxanne was so deep that he would do anything just to make Roxanne happy. Even if that means helping Christian and giving up his chance in having Roxanne. When he realizes that Roxanne doesn’t love him because he’s not as handsome as Christian. He would even help Christian in writing lovely poems and letters because he loves Roxanne so much and want her to be happy. Another example would be when he listened to Roxanne and protects Christian even though getting rid of Christian would help his chance of having Roxanne.

Christian loves Roxanne for her physical figure even not knowing much about her at the beginning. Even though he couldn’t please her because he wasn’t as smart as Roxanne would’ve liked, he asked Cyrano for help. He gets Cyrano to write poems for him and making him a perfect match for Roxanne, both handsome and intelligent. But in his heart he knows that Roxanne truly loves Cyrano if she finds out the truth.

Roxane was a kind-hearted woman who wanted a handsome man who was intelligent and could explain himself to her. Roxanne loves Christian because of his sweet poems and his good looks. But she said she would still like him even if he were ugly. At the end she realize that it was Cyrano who wrote all those poems and letters.

What love to Le Bret, De Guiche, and Reaganeau’s mind is that they all wanted Roxanne. They all wanted to get rid of Christian and the best way to do it is to send Christian to the front line of the war. That plan didn’t work because Roxanne really liked Christian.

Love to me is something that you would do anything to get and would do anything to keep it. I would do anything for the right person no matter what the consequences are. I would risk anything for love even if that means losing my fortune or even losing my life.