Good Vs Evil Essay Research Paper The

Good Vs. Evil Essay, Research Paper

The ill-begotten town of Vec is in shambles. The churches have all been burned, and Satan’s reign has spread to the top-land through the desire and meddling of five young men. The men call themselves the Satanic Cult of the Spirit. They, alone, are Satan’s army brought from the bowels of the Nether regions to take arms against goodness and all that is holy in the world that exists today.

The cult ritually performs seances to conjure the demon for further instructions. The body of lead clansmen Brom has been decided the cradle for Satan’s spirit as the other members, representatives of the four elementals, form an inverted pentacle with “the spirit” Brom at the zenith.

Meanwhile, in the town of Eladamri, the forces of good, led by Master Barrin, prepare for the coming battle.

“Noble prophets and oracles, we must now rise for the battle of all ages. You have lived for the love of our Lord, will you now not die for it? We must be strong in our faith to conjure the spirit necessary to defeat the growing evils of Vec. The evil inside the men grows stronger by the hour and we must hold fast. Our belief shall be the lance that pierces the evil of Vec and frees the four men from their satanic shackles.” With a dramatic ending to the resounding applause received, Barrin stepped away from the podium and back to his chambers for more meditation.

Suddenly, a knock. “Master Barrin, it is I, sir DiTerlizzi. Might I have a word?”

“Certainly, certainly…Please, do come in!” And with a little hesitance, DiTerlizzi rushed into the room panting and took a seat.

“Sir, word has been spread that one of the oracles envisioned the image of Satan in one of his dreams. It was said Satan has spoken to him stating that he will come to our sitting and ‘flay the skin from the flesh of the townsmen and then flesh from bone scraping [our] bones dry, And still [we] will not have suffered enough for betraying [him].’ Might I remind you of the old proverb sir that ‘ The bonds of loyalty can tie one to the grave.’ Maybe our belief is to be the destruction of our kind.”

“Fear not young DiTerlizzi, one tends to overlook the previous prophecy given by the oracle that ‘There shall be vast shout and then a vaster silence.’ This dream message is surely the shout. Now, he must be silenced. With the coming days ahead there is sure to be much chatter and myths floating about. You must remember that factual knowledge is no more expensive than ignorance, but you must try to stay away from such gossip.”

“Yes sir, thank you. Good day” muttered DiTerlizzi with a hint of sarcasm.

“Good day to you to sir,” exclaimed Barrin while showing DiTerlizzi the door noticing his voice tone.

The next day at morning prayer, many questions arose for Barrin to quell. The various priests began their interrogation session almost immediately. “Sir, why do we not prepare the villagers for battle…Do we have a plan to go with or are we merely blinded…What about the dreams…Why did this only occur in Vec…What’s behind all of this…?”

Barrin suddenly leapt up as from a seat of fire, ” Gentlemen, Gentlemen, please. We are men of God. The forces of good shall overcome and be victorious come the judgement day. Born with wings of light and a sword of faith, the heavenly incarnation of our will shall defeat the evil that is upon us by the embodiment of fury as well as purity. A sting to rival this combination is inconceivable. The dreams are mere warning signs to get ready to greet the heavenly body and prepare for the coming days. The town of Vec was overridden with crime and abuse, both human and drug. There is no doubt in my mind as to why this problem has arisen there. Our entire town has been disrupted by this evil presence. We must travel to the town of Vec to stop the evil before it spreads any further.”

Back in Vec, Brom has now been inpowered with the full sprit of Satan. His blood now boils as fire has filled his eyes. Brom now promotes fear and laughs at death while granting his four followers abusive strength and the uncontrolled will to kill. The five men rape and pillage the town destroying everything in their paths. While burning a local store, Brom overhears a young woman speaking of Barrin and his followers.

“Woman, what say you about the forces of Barrin?”

Terrified, the woman looked up at Brom’s dark, bearded muzzle and slowly stuttered, “Sir, I’ve heard Master Barrin and a band of oracles are coming to try and stop you and your followers. They are encouraging any surviving peasants to continue praying for them and their cause.”

“You are of no use to me woman. You speak of things already known. ‘Master’ Barrin can do nothing to stop me. I have been graced with the presence of Satan. He is my master now. He and I together shall rule the world. Our reign of terror shall not cease until the air smells of death and every living thing is under satanic control. I have been promised eternal life for my aid in completing this goal, and eternal life is worth any sacrifice. Sadly, you will never realize this gift, as your life is about to expire. Let this be a lesson to whomever stands in my way. I will not tolerate any resistance.” With that, Brom grabbed the woman and put his hand straight through her chest crushing her ribs and ripping out her spinal cord. The woman fell to the ground, and Brom continued on his way.

Days of this satanic sacraficial drama continued before Barrin, along with the oracles, arrived. The day was black with death as Barrin with his more than 100 followers – the original oracles plus many priests and men of God joining in the journey at various points on the way – reached the town of Vec. Brom and his men immediately spotted the band through the death and rubble and darted toward them.

“Alas, the men of God are finally here. Perhaps I shall force you all into satanic confirmation by destroying your leader. Show yourself, coward, I am ready for battle and waiting to duel. Show yourself if you are not afraid,” shouted Brom at the unsuspecting mass.

“I am here. It is I, Master Barrin from Eladamri. God’s realm exists only by the grace of his followers’ faith. We are all equals. If you face one of us, ou face us all….Brothers, join hands and pray for this man to be released from the spirit of evil. Not every case is made of bars. This man is imprisoned; let us free him now.”

As the 100 priests, oracles, and mere men joined hands to pray, the clouds opened to reveal a speck of white light shining in the center of the circle refracted to each hand joint, and a separate beam to the head of Brom. As the men recited various verses, Brom began shaking and trembling. Seeing their master this way, Brom’s followers scrambled away to take shelter and within five minutes, Brom was unconscious. Laying on the ground with the light now in his face, Brom slowly…ever so slowly…began to wear a smile. The rage and hatred was beginning to be lifted from his body, and he was becoming human again.

Hours passed with the oracles and Barrin awaiting his revival. Suddenly, out of nowhere Brom awoke. “Ahh, help me! Where am I….What’s going on…Who are you guys…Where are my friends…What time is it…?”

“Slow down young Brom,” slowly spoke Barrin. “You have been unconcious for hours. Your friends have fled and you are all alone now. Having conjured Satan in a meeting of your Cult of the Spirit, you have destroyed everything close to you, including the entire city of Vec, and permanently scared your soul. The only reason I stayed so long was to make sure you were okay and back to normal. You have failed God. You have failed the city of Vec. You have failed yourself. I can do no more.”


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