Jordan And Magic Essay Research Paper Greatest

Jordan And Magic Essay, Research Paper

Greatest Guard

There are many athletes that people consider to be the greatest guard in NBA history but, none of them compare to these two, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan, for instance, won six NBA Championships in his career. He won three in a row twice, a feat that hasn t been accomplished since the mid 60 s. To go along with his six championships are the two gold medals he won representing the United States in the Olympics. Magic Johnson, however, won five NBA Championships in his career. Unlike Michael, he only won two in a row once and he had one of the greatest centers of all time in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a teammate. Magic teamed up with Michael to win his only gold medal in the 1992 Olympics.

Michael, also won five NBA MVP awards and six NBA Finals MVP awards, which is pretty amazing considering many great players don t win either one in their career. Along with his regular season and finals MVP awards Michael also won three all-star game MVP awards. Magic on the other hand won three NBA regular season MVP s and three NBA Finals MVP s. To go along with these six MVP s he won two all-star game MVP awards.

To emphasize his greatness Jordan was elected to eleven all-star teams in his twelve and a half-year career. The half-year is from when he came out of retirement towards the end of the 1994-95 season. He was also elected to the All-NBA first team ten times and the second team once. Furthermore, he was elected to the All-Defensive first team nine times. He also won the Defensive player of the year award, Rookie of the year award, was elected to the all-rookie team and won the Nestle Crunch slam-dunk contest twice. Last but not least he was chosen as one of fifty greatest players in NBA history. In comparison, Magic was elected to the All-NBA first team nine times and the second team once. He was also named to the all-rookie team, and became the first rookie ever to win the NBA Finals MVP. He too was chosen as one of the fifty greatest players in NBA history.

They are both great guards and I don t think anyone could make a favorable case one way or another.


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