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Know Thyself Essay Research Paper How does

Know Thyself Essay, Research Paper

How does one really know themselves? You could recognize the exterior and know your own reflection. Sure you are 6 2 with brown hair and eyes. Not a bad-looking individual. But you are not your physical characteristics but your spiritual ones. If you could look into something and see your internal reflection would you want to? What would you see? What would you learn? What would that something be? What could possibly dig deep into your soul and reveal your innermost person?

That something is the people we surround ourselves with everyday. All the people we interact with, effect, influence, and touch regularly reflect who we are. We are who we love, hate, admire, help, and lean on. Every little action, emotion, or word brought out by various people in various situations are characteristics that are instinctual. They are what you do without thinking and therefore are roots of your personality. For example, an elderly woman slips and falls on the pavement. You rush over and offer your hand and assistance. That shows characteristics of compassion and warmth. Had you not responded to the woman and continued walking, believing that someone else would help her, it would have shown self-centredness and a general lack of respect of others well-being.

So now that you know how to Know Yourself , how does that help you? By knowing yourself you can distinguish what you want, and what you need. What do you want and is it essential to your well-being and happiness? Why, in all honesty, do you want it? What can t you live without? We are our innermost dreams, hopes and aspirations. The reason why we need to know who we are is so that we can achieve a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. So that we can express to others who we actually are and be remembered for that. But, if we do not know who, in fact, we are then we could portray the wrong image to people and be remembered not for who we were but who we appeared to be. True authenticity is true success and true success is true happiness. We must know who we are in order to be authentic to our beliefs, goals, and everything that we represent.

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