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God And Gifts Essay Research Paper Amadeus

God And Gifts Essay, Research Paper

Amadeus: God and Gifts

Amadeus was a great film. The overall theme of the movie is a man vs. God. Antonio Salieri s started his life in music after his father died. He found that music was his passion. He devoted his life to writing music and to God. He was content with his music, and was considered a great Italian composer. God had given him a gift, the gift of wonderful music.

Antonio Salieri s life was changed the day he heard Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The music he heard was that of God. It was utterly perfect. If one note was every changed, it would lessen the music. Salieri however, could not believe that God would give just a boy this wonderful gift. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a crazy, arrogant, impolite person. Salieri became jealous that God would give him a much lesser gift of music, and he had devoted his life to God. Salieri decided to turn his back on God. He felt that since God had chosen Mozart to be his instrument, and not himself, then he would have to destroy Gods work. From then on, Salieri was the enemy of Mozart, but portrayed himself as a friend.

In the end, Salieri killed Mozart. He did not actually physically harm him. He used Mozart s music against him. Salieri knew that Mozart s music was perfect, but he did everything he could to sway the view of the music in the eyes of the King. Perfect piece after perfect piece of music were regarded as inadequate. Mozart would put everything he had into creating music that could be sent from heaven. Salieri did everything he could do to blind others. Eventually, this failure killed Mozart.

Salieri had a great gift from God. He totally understood music. When he looked at Mozart s work, he truly comprehended the piece. He could hear every instrument and every tone. Sadly, he became jealous. I believe that the story can be related to Jesus and Lucifer. Lucifer was given great gifts while in heaven. However, Jesus came along, and was perfect. Lucifer could not understand why God had not chosen him to be the receiver of the gifts. Later, after Lucifer had changed his focus from glorifying God to attempting to destroy it, he eventually had Jesus killed. Salieri in much the same way became jealous. And this little bit of jealously totally consumed his life and changed him forever.

I believe that we should be content with the gifts God has given us. We may not be as talented in certain areas as others are, but each person is given unique gifts. If we take our focus away from the great gifts God has given us, and refocus them on the better gifts others had received, we will become blind to Gods plan.

I give this film a 10/10. It was a great movie. I loved the music. I believe that the music in the film commanded the lead role in the film, and all the actors were merely the supporting cast. I would also say that when Mozart died, Salieri finally understood that he had killed a truly wonderful creation of God. And from that day forward, he regretted doing it: for he had seen into the ingenious mind of Mozart.