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Imperialism Essay Research Paper Jan 17 2001Five

Imperialism Essay, Research Paper

Jan 17, 2001

Five Points

Imperialism is a country based on the idea of having one supreme form of leadership. The supreme leadership influences a supreme nation. This could prove to be dangerous to the history of every nation in the world.

We’ve been hurt by imperialism in more ways than one. It’s giving us the idea that we are the better nation. When we try to influence our ways on others, it could hurt their nation by changing them too much.

There are also upsides to imperialism. It keeps us at the top of the national food chain, but at what cost? The way it’s working now may have worked in the past, but is not a good enough solution to today’s problems.

In the past government used diversity to their own advantage. Blacks, Japanese, and many others got much less advantages then the average white male. This creates racism and eventually, to solve that problem, whites are held back.

When we were a young striving nation, the rules and the government worked well and showed promise. Now the sight of promise is fading away. We need to form a government set to the times that will confirm to our style.

Imperialism is just as much a problem, if not more, today than it was two hundred years ago. People today are more knowledgeable about the topic and can protest, though the government has also advanced their knowledge on the topic and are better in their secrecy and style now than back then. Imperialism has turned into three basic areas instead of the one it was two hundred years ago. The one made with emphasis two hundred years ago was military and using it to rule the world. In present times, the main emphasis is on social control (of the people), military control (having the strongest and most advanced military), and having economic control (controlling trade imports and exports). The problem of one government being supreme is the problems in our world will persist and will only get worse under the same circumstances until some country gets pissed off and nukes us all.