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Modern Christianity Essay Research Paper Now a

Modern Christianity Essay, Research Paper

Now a day too many people are loosing their focus in life. We have

heard that people are committing suicide everyday around in our

community. In many of these occasions, religion has played a big role

in saving many of these victims from the overwhelming pressures of our

society. Religion has acted as a shelter that provides a peaceful

environment and hope for guidance for these lost victims. Among that,

becoming a Christian is what many have sought for. Two years ago, an

eighteen years old high school friend of mine who is a typical American

teenager lived in a perfect family of four had tried to commit suicide.

It was astonishing when I found that he almost killed himself after he

broke up with his girlfriend of six years. He simply thought that it

was the end of the world when this had happened to him. He thought that

his life would be no longer important and meaningful to this world.

Luckily, at the very last moment of killing himself, his friend saved

him. It happens that his friend knocked on the door of the bathroom at

the right moment while he was trying to cut through his own wrist.

After talking with this friend, who happened to be a Christian, he told

him that there was a lot more in life that he should hold on to. He was

then convinced that he could find what he had lost and would be able to

realize how valuable a life is by becoming part of the big family,

Christian, that is. He then became a born-again Christian ! in the

following weekend. My friend although knew absolutely nothing about

Christianity and he had never even read Bible, finally joined the big


Another friend of mine who happened to be a really mature guy, living

in his early 30^s had realized that he was diagnosed with prostate

cancer and was being told that he would not live longer than 2 years.

Before he got this disease, he used to be really energetic and hopeful

for everything that he did. After realizing how much time he could have

left in life, his personality made a huge swift to the opposite. He

began to have no hopes in his life because he thought that he could die

in any seconds. At that point of his life, he had totally lost his

focus of himself and what is about to happen later on in his life. One

day at the hospital, during a schedule psychological therapy those

cancer patients were urged to take. He was convinced to become a born

again Christian. Many other cancer patients at the therapy session

suggested that he could have more security and confidence in his life

if he believes in God and let God to cure him. A year after of what

had happened to these two friends of mine who became born-again

Christians, I noticed something funny. These two friends of mine went

to church every single weekend when they first became Christian. Later

on they seldom went to church. I talked to them recently, I have found

out that both of them neither go to church at all nor know anything

about Christianity. It is completely true that becoming a born-again

Christian at the beginning really helps people to find themselves back

and to get a focus in life once again. The problem is, instead of

treating Christianity as a religion or faith; many people in these days

are just using it as a handy medicine to cure life and reality

problems. Christianity has become a really widely used antidote to

stimulate and balance the society pressures and problems. The

traditional type of being a true and genuine Christian does not exist

or being practice anymore. Becoming a Christian is like a fashion or a

hip-hop thing to do in today^s life. The Ten Amendments, the Bible

beliefs and the original concept of becoming a Christian are vanishing.

My impression is Christianity now a day is like ^You take this antidote

when you need it, and you simply put it back into the medicine cabinet

when you don^t need it anymore^

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