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Math Portfolio #4 Essay, Research Paper

Math Portfolio #4 Part One. Zoe. 322p Using the formula p r2 we will find the area of the main circle. 1024p This is the area of the circle. 45. + 90. Let s find how much of the circle we need to remove, in order to subtract the barn. 135. This is how many degrees we need to remove from the circle. 135/360 We need to find an actual fraction for what we don t need. 3/8 This is how much we don t need. 5/8 This I how much we do need. 5/8 + 1024p This is the area of the circle minus the barn. 640p This is the area of the total circle. + + 152p We had 2 parts that Zoe could get to subtracted when we subtracted the barn. This one of them. 56 1/4p This I one of them. + + (32 – 20/ 2 )2p This is for he second part that was taken out. The twenty times root two is from the length of the diagonal side of the barn. We had to subtract that from 32 in order to know how much would be left. Then we had to multiply it by one-fourth because that it all we need of that circle. + + 13.8066p Calculating .

3.4517p This is how much of the second circle we need to add. 3.4517p + 56 +p + 640p This is the formula for the full area that Zoe can roam. 699.7017p This is the full area that Zoe can roam in. 40 + 699.7017p This is for how many bites in the entire area Zoe can reach. 27,988.0664p This is how many bites are in Zoe s reach. 120 + 7 Let s find out how many bites she could possibly eat in one week. 840.This I how many bites she can eat in 1 week. 840/27,988.0664 This is the total number of bites she can eat in a week over the total number of bites Zoe could eat in the entire area of her reach. 3.0 % probability she will eat it in a week. I divided it out and found the percentage. Part Two. 360 4 5 The circle is evenly divided into 5 arcs. So all we have to go is find the degree measurement of each and half it to find the measurement of each angle. 72. Each arc is 72.. + + 72 Let s half it to find the measures of each angle. 36. We get 36.. m+ A, m+ B, m+ C, m+ D, m+ E = 36. Each of the angles equals 36.. m+ A + m+ B + m+ C + m+ D + m+ E = 180. All of the angles together equal 180.. Part Three. (52p + 10) (22p + 10) This is to find the volume of the granite. The first part is the volume of the whole thing, then we subtract the hollow part. (25p + 10) (4p + 10) Following the rules we solve the exponents within the parentheses first. 250p – 40p Now we did the multiplication and killed the parentheses. 210p units3 The volume is 210p units3 or 659.73 units3. – OR – 659.73 units3

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