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Legal And Illegal Essay Research Paper Ok

Legal And Illegal Essay, Research Paper

Ok, there are 3 types of people that live in the country,

Residents (both

legal and illegal), citizens of the U.S., and Citizens of the

United States

of America.

Residents are people who were born in another country, have not


naturalized, and have been domiciled here for 90 days. Legal


(also legal aliens) are the ones who came over on work, student,


visa’s. Illegal Residents are here without the approval of our


and are sometimes referred to as illegal aliens.

A citizen of the U.S. is someone who was born in the District of

Columbia, a

federal military base, or other U.S. territory such as Guam,

Puerto Rico,

etc.. These people have no enumerated rights under the

Constitution, they

have only the privileges granted to them by the 14th amendment.

They live

under exclusive legislative rule by the President of the U.S.

They have no

representatives or senators and are entirely at the mercy of the


government. Also called a federal citizen. This type of

citizenship is

never capitalized when referred to because it is considered

inferior to true


A Citizen of the United States of America, is also known

Constitutionally as

a Citizen of the several States. This is a person who was born

in one of

the 50 states that make up the the U.S.A. These people have

rights that are

enumerated in the Constitution and can not have those rights

taken away from

them by the government. This is what the majority of the people

living in

the country today are; however, the previous type is what our


would like us to believe that we are so they can control us and

strip us of

our rights. They are doing a pretty good job of it too. They


overstepped there Constitutional bounds and have been dumbing

down the

country by tampering with our education system. They enforce

laws not

written for us by using federal law enforcement, which also has


jurisdiction over us. This is also how they trick us into

legally agreeing

to pay federal income tax. Very evil indeed. That is why I

have taken it

upon myself to try and point this out to as many people as


In every contest rules disclosure I have read so far they

usually state

“only legal residents of the United States are eligible”, and

“odds are

dependent on the number of eligible entries received”.

According to the

Constitution, Blacks legal dictionary, and every federal

definition for

citizenship that I have ever seen (including the IRS’s 10/40

booklet) that

makes us people who were born free in a state not eligible to


That sounds like discrimination to me.

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