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Formal Elements In Art Essay Research Paper

Formal Elements In Art Essay, Research Paper

The piece that seemed to stick out at the Foster Gallery exhibit was La Famila by Hulleah Tsinnahjhinnie. This artwork was a digital print done on a computer and is really quite extraordinary. I decided to choose color as my formal element, since there seemed to be a lot of colors in this piece, and I love the use of color. Color, especially when shown with black and white, seem to jump off of the paper. They are also like candy for your eyes. This print had two tones of blue: a tertiary color of aqua blue, and a primary color of royal blue. The top of the picture was royal blue, and the bottom was aqua blue. The royal blue had full intensity, as did the aqua blue. But the family definitely has one-quarter gradient. Where the two met there was a large gradient. When looking at the artwork, the eye was directly led to the faces. The reason for this was not because of the faces, but the bright red lines overlaying on the blue directing to the faces. When I first saw this picture, my eyes directly focused on the red lines, which led me to the faces. The red, a primary color, gave the picture depth, creates dynamic movement, and gives the family life. Red is a very exciting color when it is used on such a contrast color as blue. The artist might be saying something about the family. Although they seem to have little life in their faces, the red lines pointing to them shows an extensive life they have all had. Another key to this work, is the clarity on some of the faces. This clarity was only true if a shape in front of them magnified the faces. If they were no shapes in front, the faces were black and white, looking very dirty. And as you reached the bottom, the family s legs were a glowing aqua green. The difference in the glowing green, and the dirty dark gives the faces and bodies chiaroscuro. Even though the feet and legs glow, this does not light the rest of the family. In the upper right corner is a moon. The moon is a white-yellow, and stands on top of a deep blue. This gradient gives the moon three-dimensions. Color seems to be the most prevalent formal element in this picture. The colors make the picture stand of wall. The color gradient of blue and green gives the picture much volume, which is another formal element. Volume is shown, but only because of the use of color. For example, the red is such a contrasting color to the blue, it stands out and gives the picture volume. Whereas; the fade between royal blue and aqua blue does not give the picture volume, but these colors give the picture separation and mood. La Familia gives the observer much to think about due to the use of color.