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Execution Essay Research Paper There are different

Execution Essay, Research Paper

There are different kinds of executions for those that are guilty of murder. In the United States the death penalty is authorized by hanging, electrocution, gas chamber, firing squad, or lethal injection. Most other nations use hanging, firing squad and stoning. These executions have been done to those that are on death row. Executions are costly; therefore, there are many guilty people on death row awaiting their execution.

Hundreds of women and men are on death. They are all waiting for their execution dates. Each month, the warden receives orders from the superior court judges with execution dates. To be executed there is an order with your name and execution date. Five days before execution a guard stands to watch you twenty-four hours a day outside the cell. The night before the execution a guard stops by the prisoner s cell every hour and a look in at the person, then writes, down what he see in a logbook. Also, a prisoner that will soon be executed can ask the guard to give him or her books, writing material, telephone, or headphones connected to a television set or radio. Before the execution the wardens drop by to settle the final details. The menu for the last meal, statement by the prisoners for release to the media after execution, and the name of the vie witnesses he or she would want to view his or her death. All the prisoners are locked up in their cells the day after execution.

Hanging was one of the first methods used for execution. This method is still used today, but it s not very common. Hanging is done by placing a rope or cord around the neck from a frame with a crosspiece commonly known as a gallows. Death by hanging is painful and fast because the spinal cord gets damaged. Being hanged is very difficult. Many things start to go on in your mind. You start choking and turning different colors until the person is dead. Then the person is let down and the rope or cord is taken off the neck.

The electric chair is another method of execution. It s still used today. The electric chair consists of an oak chair with adjustable arms and backrest, inherent let electrodes, and a leather helmet with sponge and electrodes. It s all connected to their power supply. It takes almost twenty amperes at 2400 volts in an electric chair to toast someone. It s like cooking a person. The temperature of the body rises to 138 . The body is too hot too touch, like burnt meat.

Lethal injection is the most common method used for those that are sentenced to the death penalty. This method is the least painful method. While the executed is strapped to a bed, three needles are injected in his or her arm. Each needle contains something different. The medicine to kill the person goes into the body and slowly without feeling anything the person starts to die. It takes about ten minutes until the execution is over and the person is dead.

The gas chamber is a large room divided into three sections. It s built out of steel and painted with concrete. It has a hexagonal shape and also has five windows. There s a worm screw to lock the door. A monometer reads to pressure. The executed is sealed in the chamber and starts to suffocate when the gas is let out into the chamber. The executed stops breathing with his eyes bulging out of his pale face.

The firing squad is another method of execution. It s used less commonly in countries throughout the world. The firing squad consists of a group of men each shooting at the executed. All guns have fake bullets except for one gun. None of the men will know who killed the person because none of them know who has the gone with the real bullet.

Stoning is a method that was used very long ago. Now that there are different and more elaborate methods of execution, stoning is not used as much. In stoning, witnesses start throwing stones at the executed and then later on the people that are watching also begin throwing stones until the person is dead. This method causes the person to suffer through an immense amount of pain and bleeding. The whole gets injured.

All of these executions are used all around the world; some are more common than others. Hanging and stoning are the least common methods of execution. Lethal injection, gassing and electrocution have become more common. As years go by, different execution methods will be developed. Executions today will probably not be commonly used as the years go by. Long ago executions were performed with simple weapons like stones today they are done with elaborate tools.