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Unifying Themes Through World Religions Essay Research

Unifying Themes Through World Religions Essay, Research Paper

Not a single person likes to feel alone or lonely, making companionship key for a ?healthy? life. Whether through relationships with others, animals, or objects, most people are able to find the essential comfort. Millions of people have turned to one religion or another because there was some desirable idiosyncrasy inside that doctrine. Also, for millions of years people have been finding contentment and stability through religious beliefs. I believe such statements are the predominant unifying themes through world religions.

I attend school because it offers me an education. This education will help me greatly in other areas of my life. The same goes for a religion. Believing in a/several sentient being(s) and the philosophical structure of the religion gives people values and beliefs about society, lifestyle, and consequence. For example, the Hindu believe that if an individual dies in the Ganges River he/she will be reincarnated to the highest rung on the caste ladder. This belief leads to many elderly people draped around the river, a waiting the ?moment.? Several other religions possess similar beliefs.

Young people are brought together for activities such as little league, and Brownies, among others, not only in the name of an establishment but also to gain friendships; thus, such organizations can be compared to religious sects. By this I mean people coming together in the name of one or many gods leads to the formation of friendships between followers and enables those followers to find comfort in the feeling that others share the same beliefs. I believe that is another vital string in the web of that links all religions together.

Although the structures of religions may be drastically different, as you can see, I believe most offer comfort, friendship, and profound reflection. Also, I believe the main link between all religions is fact that almost all possess some unspecified desirable traits or characteristics that most people are looking for to complete some aspect of his/her life.