Jane Eyre 7 Essay Research Paper In

Jane Eyre 7 Essay, Research Paper

In Charlotte Bront Jane Eyre, the main character faces many struggles. One of the struggles she faces is the temptation to run away with the man she loves and be his mistress or to marry a man who offers her the contrary where it would be a legal and highly respectable marriage but with no genuine love. Jane Eyre returns to Rochester because she values love and passion more than reason and when she hears his mysterious voice calling for her, she is also sure that Rochester and her share a spiritual link. Jane must decide between two men who have similar characteristics but are offering her almost exact opposite relationships. Jane must decide between reason and passion which is on of the main themes in the novel.

The characteristics of the two men, who propose to Jane, conjure and symbolize the themes in Jane Eyre. Although, Rochester and St. John offer Jane entirely different relationships both men are noticeably selfish and disregard Jane s feelings to some degree. Both men are strong-willed, powerful, and stubborn about their ways of thinking and living. This is especially seen in St. John as Jane describes her cousin as being as stiff about urging his point as possible. They believe that want they do is in the best interest of Jane and use unfair methods to tempt Jane into going against her own morals.

Rochester tries to convince Jane to run away with him by using the tragic story of his marriage to Bertha Mason. His story makes Jane feel sympathetic and only makes her work more difficult. Rochester turns to emotional blackmail when Jane still resists him. He tries to use her affection towards him to his advantage by accusing her of pushing him back on lust for a passion vice for an occupation. He questions her on whether it is better to drive a fellow-creature to despair than to transgress a mere human law ?

St. John, on the other hand, is far more convinced that he knows what is truly best for Jane. His plan for her is moral and appeals to her loyalty and idealism about God. He claims her not for pleasure but for his Sovereign service. But Jane must refuse him too because of her strong belief in that there must be love between two people for them to unite in marriage. St. John does not understand Jane s passionate nature, for him passion is an earthly emotion which must be put aside so that God can be served. He, himself, sacrifices his love for…

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