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Dinosaurs Essay Research Paper I found myself

Dinosaurs Essay, Research Paper

?I found myself with my leg lodged between two trees which the Tyrannosaurus Rex knocked over. I remained totally still knowing that if I moved the T-Rex would see me. The beast came so close to me that I could feel him breathing on my face. The T-Rex however, could not see me because of his poor vision and the time of night. Then I saw my chance, just as he bent over to eye me one more time I struck him in the eye with my knife made of bone. I pushed the knife deeper and deeper into the beast’s head until his screaming stopped. The T-Rex fell shaking the earth with its weight.

I was hunting for my wife and children who lived in the cave-house I built for them last winter. I and my two boys of the age of sixty and seventy-two seasons skinned the T-rex. It took three days to haul all the meat back to the cave house. My wife stored the meat in the underground cavern we had, which we usually used to hide ourselves from hunting dinosaurs.

Our cave-house was located in what was called a cave city. These cities were carved out of a giant mountain and were run by an almighty leader, whom we referred to as the almighty. The people who lived in the cave-city were called commoners, and were referred to as the people. In every cave-city there was a drinking den, where the men of the city could come after a day of hunting and working to kick back and relax. At the drinking den the men enjoyed drinking fresh-made berry juice which would cost only two shells a serving. In the drinking den there were a lot of men who loved to tell stories about what they hunted and how big their catch was. Most of what these men said was half-true. They never told the whole truth in a story. For example if a man were to kill a T-Rex, which was ten thousand, hands tall they would say the Rex was eleven thousand hands tall. I usually went to the drinking den everyday. There were three men whom usually accompanied me there. These men’s names were Big Joe, Medium Tim and Tiny Mike. Big Joe was about fifteen hands high and four hands wide, he had a low-pitched voice and was slow in his ways, he had a very short temper and was known for being somewhat of a Klutz. Medium Tim was about twelve hands high and three hands wide, he was muscular and had a medium pitched voice and was a very nice man. He was known for being a great hunter. Tiny Mike was about nine hands high and one and a half hands wide, Mike had a very high voice and was a very happy-go-lucky type of man. While we were sitting there at the bar Tim was telling us the story of his day “Yup”, he said “I was this close to baggin’ me a T-Rex, (he was showing us with his fingers how close he was) when out from no where this big ol’ Triceratops come a runnin’ and scared the dern thing off.” “Dang” mike said “That’s better luck than I had today, I din’t even see no meat eatin dinos.” “All I saw was some big ol’ long necks which aint even worth killin.” “You boys just don’ know nuthin about dino huntin’.” Joe piped in. “Today I bagged me the biggest T-Rex you eva’ saw.” There was no reply we all just sat there quietly and sipped our drinks. A few minutes later the owner of the bar walked over to us and said “I overheard ya’lls conversation and thought you guys might be interested in enterin dis competition for Dino’ huntin’.” “I’m listenin’.” Said Joe in an interested and lethargic voice. “Well all you have to do to enter is pay ten shells a piece, be here at the next rise of the big fire in the sky, have a few drinks and set off for three days of dino’ huntin’.” “That sounds easy enough to me.” Said Tim. “Well bein’ the skilled man that you are it might just be easy enough for you.” The bartender said this in a sly, cunning voice. This made Tim feel proud and he said, “I’m in!” “I’m not really too sure about this”, I said. “Why would we pay ten shells just to go huntin’? Seems like I could go huntin’ all by myself for free.” “That’s the catch, If you pay me to enter ‘dis here contest and you win, you get a brand new huntin’ spear and you get to drink for free for one whole day.” “That sounds great to me”, said Mike. “I love drinkin’, and I love a new huntin spear to brighten up my day. I’m in.” “I’m in too, I said.” “Me too, might as well, wouldn’t want to feel left out” said Joe. “Good then it’s settled, we will all be her at the next rise of the big fireball in the sky.”

When I got home my wife told me that she did not like the idea that I was entering the contest. She said that it was far to many shells to be spending on some silly little hunting game. I explained to her that, I needed a new spear anyway and that buying one would cost more than the entrance fee, I also explained to her that we could all go down to the drinking den for free drinks. She still would not be reasonable with me and said “If you want to enter this silly little contest, then go ahead, but don’t expect me to encourage you, and by the way your sleeping on the couch!” I acted as if I didn’t care, and I didn’t really, but I really hate sleeping on the couch.

I slept horribly that night, I couldn’t think of anything but the competition in the morning. The couch that I was sleeping on was also ailing my back. My mind was going at a hundred wheel turns an hour. I thought to myself: What is the best place to hunt? Will the other hunters aim their spears better than I will? Will the others laugh if I don’t bring back a bigger and better dinosaur hide? I finally told myself to calm down and take deep breaths. Finally I went to sleep with the thoughts no longer running through mind. I thought of only one thing and that was victory.

When I rose in the morning there was nobody up and about beside myself. I cooked my own breakfast over the fire and ate it hurriedly. I rushed down to the drinking den to find my companions and also my competitors for the next three days. Joe looked half asleep and without a care in the world. Tim on the other hand looked awake and ready for a long day of hunting. Mike had no expression on his face and was doing nothing, which made it very hard to read and understand what he was thinking. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Nothing, we are all here just waiting for you,” the owner said impatiently. “Now gentlemen are we all ready to begin?” he asked. “Yes” we all said. “Then let the games begin, we should all return here with the hides of our dinos’ at the settin’ of the fireball in the sky.”

Off I went, not saying a word to my opponents. I walked for about the time it takes for a T-Rex to eat a man before I spotted my first dino’ it was a beauty of a Velociraptor. It charged at me immediately with great speed, leapt in to the air and just before it landed on me I put my spear into the air and the beast impaled itself. I skinned the animal and bagged his carcass. From there I walked past twenty-five trees until I heard a rustle in the bushes. I kept perfectly still. A baby T-rex poked his head through the bush. This is my chance I thought. If I can capture this baby his mother will surely come after me and when she does I will kill her. If I sleigh a T-Rex that will be enough to win the competition, I thought. I strung the young, man-eating beast up with a piece of vine I saw laying close to the bush. I also tied the dino’s mouth shut so his mother couldn’t here his cries for help. I set the Dino out in an open field, which was not far away. I left his body tied up but I untied his mouth. The beast let out a cry that brought me to my knees. I quickly ran back to a wooded area so I could hide. I waited there for what seemed like the equivalent to my lifetime. Later in the afternoon I felt the earth start to shake. I knew exactly what was in store for me if I did not prepare for the battle that I was about to undertake. I picked many big fruits and plucked at-least one hundred thorns from a tree. I put the large, sharp thorns through one side of each fruit and out the other until I made fifteen thorn balls.

The baby dino kept on screaming and the earth kept shaking. The shakes of the earth became more intense as the mother dino came closer. Finally the mother dino appeared and tried to untie her baby. The mother was communicating with her baby and her baby told her exactly where I was and what happened. The mother dino came charging at the woods where I was hiding and I prepared my thorn ball. When the mom came close enough to me I launched the ball. It hit the mother square in the chest and stuck! I was pleased but had no time to rejoice before I had to launch my second and third ball. Both of them hit, but did not slow the beast down. My fourth ball missed the dinosaur but the fifth hit it directly in the eye, which brought the mother down. The earth shook as the dino hit the floor. I delivered the final blow with my spear, which penetrated the animals’ eye and hit the beast in the brain. The mothers’ baby only stood there, not knowing what was going on. The babies’ confusion made the baby very vulnerable. I saw this babies weakness and took advantage of it. I slew the baby, which made for more meat than I possibly would need to beat my opponents for the day.

I skinned the mother and the baby and returned the meat back to where my Velociraptor meat was. From there I returned all the meat I had back to the drinking den with the help of my sons. There I met with the owner of the bar. He was surprised to see me back so early considering nobody had come back yet and probably wouldn’t be back for a while. “How did you fare today?” He asked. “Well I did pretty darn good if I should say so myself.” “Well how much did you actually get?” “I killed a T-Rex and her baby and I killed a Velociraptor.” “Well it sounds like you had yourself a mighty fine day.” “Well I guess you could say that, now couldn’t you.” “I guess so, but we’ll just have to see how your opponents do.” We waited there and I told him the clever scheme I used to angle the two T-Rex’s. We also had a few drinks, which he paid for and I enjoyed thoroughly after a long day of hunting.

A long while later my three buddies showed up at the bar one at a time. When Joe walked in he was empty handed he did not say anything but “It wasn’t a good day for huntin’.” I told him “yeah I guess your right not much of a day for huntin’ at all.” When Tim walked in he was high in spirits and he had a days work in his bags full of meat. He had a smile from ear to ear and said “Well, I don’t know ’bout you chumps but I had a lovely day.” I smiled back at him and stood up with my bags of meat sitting all around me. His shoulders slumped at the sight of my catch, knowing that he was defeated. When Tiny Mike walked into the bar he was as happy as a little boy who had slew his first dino’. He looked at my bags by themselves and thought they were the game bags of all of us put together and said “If that’s all you guys got your in trouble because my game bag is bigger than any one of your shares. “Those are only my bags not everyone’s.” He sighed and said “Well nevermind then.” He sat up to the bar and said “Gimme some juice.” The owner of the bartender said “Well I guess we can all see who the winner of today’s competition is, so I guess there’s no reason in weighin’ the meat. Come back tomorrow and we’ll start a new day of huntin’, and a new day of chances.

When I arrived there the next morning the others were already out ahead of me to get a head start. This upset me a little but I was not that upset, I knew the competition would be more fierce on the second day then it would be on the first. I headed out toward a big lake where I knew there were some large sea creatures and there were a great number of them. When I arrived there I found big Joe, he sitting there with the same idea I had. He told me to get lost, so I did. I could see how this competition was dividing my friendships. I thought about this all day, until it was time to return to the bar. I caught no dino’s, not because I couldn’t, but because I didn’t want to.

When I returned to the bar that night I was the last one there. My friends looked stunned that I didn’t have anything in my catch bags. All three of my friends did well that day, and it ended up that Tim won the competition for the day. Oddly enough Mike and Joe didn’t seem too disappointed about it.

When we all met back there the next morning nothing was said we all just went out to hunt. I did not even try to hunt for anything that day; I was just going to let my friends win, so that I wouldn’t be divided from them anymore. When I returned to the bar that night I was the first one there. The bar owner was again surprised to see that I did not have anything in my catch bags. When the three of my friends returned they came together. They too did not have anything in our catch bags. We all knew exactly what was going on. We all knew that our friendships were worth more than this competition and we should not let a few little prizes stand in the way of them. The only person that did not understand was the bar owner he just sat there puzzled. He handed me the prizes because it turned out my amount of meat was more than anyone else’s. I gave the spear to Joe to let him know that we were still on good terms and I treated all the boys to drinks on me the next day at the drinking den.