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Descriptive Bok Tower Gardens Essay Research Paper

Descriptive: Bok Tower Gardens Essay, Research Paper

John King

Descriptive Essay

Bok Tower Gardens

For the first time in my life I visited Bok Tower Gardens this past Sunday. I really did not expect to take anything away from the trip, since I am more of a theme park/roller-coaster type of guy. What could be so fun about going and looking at a bunch of plants? I soon found out that I take many things for granted in my life and that the beauty of nature can no longer afford to be one of them. Bok Tower Gardens is just as exciting as a theme park in its own distinct way. A roller-coaster of the senses if I may.

As my girlfriend and I pulled into the parking space and pulled ourselves out of the car, I was not all that excited about being dragged out in the middle of a 95 degree day to walk around in a bunch of woods. But as we hiked farther into the gardens, my eyes were overcome by the natural beauty found in this place. The grass that surrounded the kaleidoscopic plants and flowers was thick and prolific. Cutting through the dense green grass, were multiple trails covered with a brownish orange mulch. Colossal trees seem to serve as the protectors of the gardens with their intimidating heights and massive size. The Bok Tower that stands towards the entrance is like a lighthouse looking over a sea of plants and trees. It stands tall at 205 feet into the sky. Surrounding it is a moat full of enormously sized goldfish with nothing to do but lazily swim around and wait to be fed by the visitors. On the north side of the tower is a door made of solid brass. Looking at it during the day, the sun shined off of it as though it was a beacon that could be seen miles and miles away.

As I concentrated on the beauty of the gardens, it was easy to ignore the relaxing sounds that seemed to encompass me. Listening closely, I could hear the rustling of the squirrels as they played with each other and the crunching of mulch beneath my feet as I walked the paths. Distant conversations held can be heard, as can the flapping of birds’ wings as they fly from one destination to the other. But the overwhelming sound I heard within the gardens was absolute silence. Peaceful and tranquil, away from civilization, where I could be one with my own thoughts. There are no distractions to keep me from reflecting on the awe-inspiring elements of nature all around me. That is beauty in itself.

Walking around in such a beautiful area can really touch someone. The garden has a full spectrum of feelings one can experience. From the fragile innocent touch of a flower to the powerful rough edges of the trees. The mulch crackled beneath my footsteps as I walked the path. The sun warmed my face and shoulders as I stood out from under the protection of the towering trees. The shade embraced and welcomed me with cool relief as I stepped back under their protection. As I walked through the luscious green grass I could feel the tickle of the blades bending beneath my feet and sliding through my toes. The gardens touch everyone in a different way, but everyone leaves having been touched by a sense of peace.

Bok Tower Gardens is an enchanting site, filled with the elegant beauty of nature. People leave this place with a sense of awe and appreciation. As I look back through my memory of Sunday I am amazed that something so peaceful and beautiful was this close, yet I had no desire to go and see it. It goes to show how far the human race has moved ahead, or perhaps how far we have moved back. Maybe it is not such a bad idea to take the time to stop and smell the roses.

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