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– Soul Of Chicago Bulls Essay, Research Paper

Do you know what basketball is? Do you know what the NBA is? Do you know who the Chicago Bulls are? If your answer is yes, I’m sure you are a big fan of the NBA League, like me. There are a lot of super stars in the league, such as Scottie Pippen from the Houston Rockets, Gary Payton from the Seattle Supersonics, Dennis Rodman from the L.A Lakers, etc. Although there are a lot of talented players, compared to Michael Jordan, none of them are as famous as him.

Michael Jordan, who took the shooting guard position on the Chicago Bulls, is different from other NBA players. What makes him so famous? What makes him so unique? What makes him so perfect? The personality that Jordan has, the attitude that he has while he is on the court, and his unbelievable, unstoppable moves he has make him so famous, so unique, so perfect. He won six championships when he was on the Chicago Bulls and was named NBA finals Most Valuable Player each year. He holds the NBA playoffs record for the highest career scoring average with 33.4 points per game; and he was selected in 1996 as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. Jordan is a good-tempered person, every time he sees his fans, he shakes hands with them; if the fans ask for his autograph, he is willing to do so. While Jordan is on the court, he becomes another person. He becomes aggressive, he becomes self-centered, and he becomes unstoppable. All of the NBA fans admire how Jordan make those unstoppable moves, after they have seen how unbelievable Jordan’s moves are. People become dumbfounded after they see Jordan’s moves.

The United Center used to be the toughest place in the NBA to play when Jordan was still on the team. The Bulls never lost more than two games in a row at home before this season. Even when Jordan was off playing baseball, the Bulls never let any team make themselves at home. After Michael Jordan’s retirement, the Bulls dropped their sixth straight game and fell to four wins, twelve losses – their worst start since the 1978- 79 season. And the Bulls are shooting 38 percent from the field, worst in the NBA. Their scoring average of 79 points is also a league low. The statistics shows us one thing: when Jordan is here, he can change a losing game into a winning game. No matter how bad the situation is, he can still make it happen. Since he retired, no one has been able to take his position to support the team, to make this miracle happen again.

We have to admit that Michael Jordan is the soul of the Chicago Bulls. All his teammates are depending on him, he can support the Bulls from the beginning of the game until to end. After Jordan’s retirement, since no one can take over his position, for the Bulls, it is the end of a miracle, but for the other teams, it is the end of a nightmare.

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