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Religion Essay Research Paper ReligionReligion is a

Religion Essay, Research Paper


Religion is a set of practices and beliefs that allow human beings to search for the meaning of life and the purpose of their existence. These common practices set the foundation for such beliefs to have validity. Every individual must wonder why he/she exists on earth. Questioning about the purpose in one s life and whether or not there is meaning allows an individual to seek a supernatural, Supreme Being or some form of deity. Technically, religion is essentially the passing of stories, embedded with morals and values as well as being a way of life.

While searching for a religion or faith, one can possibly be exposed to communities of people who will share similar experiences, which may lead to a sense of security and belonging. By gathering with communities, one is able to learn more about his/her religion while interacting with other same believers through different religious practices, such as worshipping, praising, meditating, praying, honoring and glorifying the supreme being or deity, studying, and having discussions. New paragraph+ Religion is also a way of connecting with the utmost spiritual powers; therefore, one is able to live a life that is most meaningful and purposeful. This endless journey is a way of life and an intimate search within one s soul. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile and serves the purpose of living a life with meaning and purpose. The journey itself is meaningful and the purpose is to only gain understanding of the world.

Religion is also based on past experiences of our ancestors, which make up religious story telling. Story telling not only preaches the religion, it also tells people the history of religion and gives people a lesson about the morality. From a little story, people may find out the practical way of life or figure out the key to end suffering and make their life better. It lets people discover the ultimate truth and understand the reality of the universe. Some may feel that it is the path to eternal happiness and the understanding of life itself. It is important that each religion have story telling for the purpose of guiding humans to do things acceptable to their religious teachings. Good!

Religion, much like language, is shared by a community of people, which exists in various forms in different regions of the world. We are taught to speak a certain form of language to express ourselves, and more importantly, to communicate with others in the community. Today, as our communities are stepping into the world, we are beginning to interface with other communities by learning their language, ethnicity, culture, and more extensively, their religion. It is not surprising for this reason that religion is a way of life, defined alone with the structure of ethical and moral standard, and the belief system of a community. If language teaching is the foundation of communication, then religious teaching should be the capstone of it.