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Superman Essay Research Paper During a time

Superman Essay, Research Paper

During a time of struggle (the Great Depression) only one man could keep the world content, Superman. Superman was a legend in the making as he kept readers focused on his comics instead of what was going on in the world. He was the start of a new way of writing, fiction (comics). He was the original, the first, and the most memorable. Eventually he made it to the top and no comic was ever more interesting, more action-packed, or more fun-filled then Superman s.

Superman originated in 1933 as he was brought to life in Cleveland, Ohio. The creators of Superman were merely just two ordinary high school students. There names were Jerry Siegal and Joseph Shuster. Jerry always wanted to be a writer so he ended up writing the series of non-fiction comic strips. Joseph always wanted to become an artist and show his unique creativity therefore he illustrated Superman. These two combined made a very successful duo.

Superman was and still is the most famous and successful comic superhero. Superman was known very well in America as Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive . His fame started when he first debuted on the cover of action comics #1 in 1938. Although at the time he wasn t famous or didn t have his own line of comic books, he was on the perfect road to superhero stardom. Superman is known as the original superhero, but he set forth a path for many other daring superheroes such as Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, the X-men, and many more.

Although he is known as Superman he wasn t always a man, therefore, in the beginning he was recognized as Superboy and evolved to Superman. Superman was originally born on the planet Kryptonite. His parents saw that the planet was being destroyed so they sent him on a rocket ship to earth. There he was founded by the Kent s and was raised by a new family. Surely, soon enough they found out about his extraordinary superhuman powers. When he got old enough he became Superboy and then later emerged to Superman. Superman went on fighting crime and is known as a superhero legend.

I feel Superman really did have an impact on the way we read material today. Many of the books we read are fiction and Superman was one of the first fiction books stories ever written. He is definitely a true superhero legend. Even though I don t read comics occasionally I know enough to say he went big time. Almost everywhere you turn there s Superman.