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Cops And Robbers Essay Research Paper Cops

Cops And Robbers Essay, Research Paper

Cops and robbers is a game that many have played during their childhood. This game pits cops against robbers. The cop is obviously the good guy and the robber is the bad guy. The cop always tries to capture the robber for doing bad. These two roles represent the policeman and the criminal, two obviously different figures in society. Despite the obvious differences, the policeman and criminal are similar in the stress factor of their lives, the fact that they deal with crime, and corruption.

Stress is obvious in the lives of the policeman and the criminal. The policeman has to deal with stress on a daily basis. Stress comes from such things as arresting youths, being disrespected, and having their lives on the line. It is proven that police officers have one of if not the highest suicide rate out of all professions. Criminals are also under high stress. A criminal has to worry about getting caught and spending time in prison. They also have to worry about crossing the wrong people. Since a criminal deals with other criminals, their lives are always at stake. Aside of being under high stress, the policeman and the criminal also are associated with crime.

Policemen are always dealing with crime; it is their job to do so. Policemen are around crime all the time due to the fact that they are always trying to police illegal acts. When a criminal commits a crime, the policeman has to investigate that crime. Criminals have a life of crime. They make their money from crimes they commit. Crime is the root word of criminal so it is obvious that it would have some significance in their lives. Similar to crime is the corruption that both of these groups have to deal with.

Policemen have been known to be corrupt. There are certain policemen who supply drugs to the outside. Some policemen steal money from the money seized in drug busts. Policemen have also been known to harass certain types of people. It is not unusual for a policeman to use his power illegally. Policemen are also the reason why some criminals are corrupt. Criminals have been known to snitch on their partners in crime in order to get a lighter sentence. Criminals may also tip off enemies to certain transactions that are about to happen. Criminals are also corrupt simply because the fact that they are criminals.

Policemen and criminals share similarities in the fact that they have high stress lives, deal with crime, and can be corrupt. At the same time these two groups live in two different worlds. If no one ever compared these two groups, the fact that they are also alike would go unnoticed. When two unlike things are compared with each other, similarities often show up. If people took this approach while making relationships then maybe there would be a lot less stereotypes and a lot more receptiveness.