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Response To The Nuremberg Laws And

Response To : The Nuremberg Laws And Nazi Racial Ideology Essay, Research Paper

Reponse to : The Nuremberg Laws and Nazi Racial Ideology

The Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 deprived German Jews of their rights of citizenship, giving them the status of “subjects” in Hitler’s Reich. The laws also made it forbidden for Jews to marry or have any relations with Aryans or to employ young Aryan women as household help. The laws also stated that Jews could not display any Reich or nation flag. But it allowed the Jews to display there own colors. I believe Hitler allowed them the right not for their own good but as an easier way of determining who was Jewish and who wasn?t. And because it would be hard to determine who was Jewish and who wasn?t he stated ?what? a Jew is.

In his Nazi Racial Ideology Hitler defines what a Nordic person is. He boasts that Nordics are superior by giving many examples based on his opinion. Some or Hitler?s definitions of a Nordic are that they chew with their mouth closed, they are the most attractive, and that they walk straight. Although no matter what race anyone is anyone can posses these traits. But by insisting that Nordics are the best it affects German people in two ways. First of all it would make them follow what he defined as a Nordic and it would make them feel superior than all other races. Hitler also says many other races are lower than animals, insisting that others are subjects to the Aryan race. By following what Hitler defined as a Nordic the German people were more easily influenced and controlled by Hitler because they all wanted to feel part of Hitler?s idea of a perfect race. The Nazi Racial Ideology was probably a way for Hitler to ?filter out? the people who followed him and the people who didn?t..

Over all I think that both the Nuremberg Laws, The Nazi Anthem and Nazi Racial Ideology were just tools used by Hitler to persuade the German people to join him by giving them a sense of pride in themselves which they had completely lost as a result of World War One. This was a very smart method to give spirit to the German people, but I am not sure if Hitler truly believed what he said or if he was just using it to persuade the people.

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