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Civil Trials Essay Research Paper Civil Trials

Civil Trials Essay, Research Paper

Civil Trials and Criminal Trials

In order to fully understand the difference between civil trials and criminal trials you must understand the different aspects of the laws that comply with them individually.

A civil law provides private and individual redress, by means of which injured persons sue those who have injured them. An example of a civil trial would be Mr. Adams suing Mr. Edwards for hitting his car. The primary object of a civil action is to recover money or an object or objects.

Criminal law represents the power of the government to prevent and punish ially harmful behavior. An example of a criminal trial would be where a crime has been committed such as Mr. Adams and Mr. Edwards get in an argument and Mr. Adams attacks Mr. Edwards with a baseball bat, causing injuries to Mr. Edwards.

So by comparing civil trials and criminal trials, civil trials are handled on a different level than criminal trials, and both will have different punishments.

Part Two

Voluntary Manslaughter and 2nd Degree Murder

Voluntary manslaughter is the intentional killing committed in the sudden heat

of passion upon adequate provocation. Usually the person is not in the correct state of mind when the crimes are being committed. An example of voluntary manslaughter would be Mr. Johnson coming home to find his wife of ten years in bed with another man, broken-hearted and enraged, Mr. Johnson takes a pistol and kills his wife. His mind was blank and confused during the shooting, simply in the heat of passion.

Second-degree murder is a catchall offense including killings that are neither

manslaughter nor first-degree murder. Second-degree murder consists of pre-meditation,time to think about what you are doing before you do it, sometimes even planning when and how the events will take place. An example of second-degree murder would be on Monday during school Marcus stated to his friends I am going to belly a fag , that night Marcus goes to a gay bar, and takes Frank back to his room, then stabs him 4 times killing him.

The difference between voluntary manslaughter and second-degree murder is

obvious, one is committed in the sudden heat of passion, in the wrong state of mind. second-degree murder is exactly the opposite, it is pre-meditated, and even planned out carefully.

Part Three

Strategies for Reducing Drug-related Crimes

When asked to discuss strategies for reducing drug-related crimes I was not

sure how to answer it. I feel that no matter what strategies we come up with we will still have a problem. I have not lost all complete hope on the subject, but I feel that it will always be a problem, and all that we can do is attempt to control the seriousness of the problem.

I feel that if we want to prevent an uncontrollable problem with drug-related crimes we should start with the children. I feel that through more commercials aimed at our children, and more educating classes teaching the children of the different drugs that are out there, and how to handle the situation if they are approached by drugs. By teaching the younger generation at an early age, through adulthood, they will have known the damage, and effects of drugs and the consequences of its related crimes.

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