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Grandell Essay, Research Paper


The theme for the fiction story named Grendel is ?The world is yet to be explored?.

In Grendel it shows that the theme for the story is ?The world is yet to be explored? when Grendel thinks he knows everything about life, and religion and also about the humans and animals. Grendel thinks he knows everything about life because he says how stupid nature is that it doesn?t even talk back and how stupid it is to be an animal that doesn?t talk or think for anything. Grendel also states that he knows everything about humans intelligence, religion and weakness only because he spies them and knows how to dominate them.

We may come to the conclusion that the theme of the fiction story of ?Grendel? is ?The world is yet to be explored?. I think this theme is important for this fiction story because without this theme it wouldn?t have no sense at all because Grendel wouldn?t be going around hunting on people and animals. If Grendel wouldn?t have been going around hunting down people and animals which he also spied them he wouldn?t have been doing nothing but pass all his time in his boring cave with his mom, the snakes and the unknown eyes that stared at him at night. Also if Grendel wouldn?t have known the humans as good as he thinks he knows them he wouldn?t probably even kill them because he said that didn?t really needed to eat humans and that all that he really needed to eat were cows. I also think that Grendel only is entertaining because its all about a weird creature named Grendel that spies and kills humans all because he thinks his superior to everyone. We may also say that the theme is important because most of the events in this fiction story deal with the exploring of the world by an unknown creatured named Grendel whom is the major character on this story.

My first example to prove that the theme of the fiction story named Grendel is ?The world is yet to be explored? is that Grendel thinks he knows everything about life. He shows that he thinks he knows everything about life by saying that how stupid animals are to just eat and sleep and do anything else in their lives. Grendel shows this attitude when he kills an animal that?s not even touching him or that is not even close to him. For example we have the poor goat or ram which was simply climbing a cliff, Grendel decided to simply kill him, he just threw a couple of rocks and killed the poor thing. The same happened in the beginning when he was telling to the ram how stupid he was that he couldn?t even speak any language and that how stupid he was that all he did was to be in a cliff. We may also say that Grendel thinks he knows everything about life when he thinks he might just be the strongest thing alive after the dragon by thinking he could dominate all the people that live in the halls and in the rest of the world.

My second reason in which I came with my idea of the theme is that Grendel thinks he knows everything about religion. I think Grendel thinks he knows everything about religion because his always making fun of the priests and their prayers. Grendel is always spying on the humans and while his there he also spies on the priest, every time the priests are praying or making religious acts he laughs and says bad things, sometimes he even attacks while they are praying. Grendel says how stupid they are that they talk to God and God doesn?t answer back their prayers so he is laughing constantly. Another bad act against religion by Grendel is that he laughs at the sculptures of Gods and also destroys them every time the priests make them. Everybody might say that Grendel is wrong on his thinking on religion because many people have different beliefs and many people are very religious people that pray and probably go to church everyday. Probably this is not a very good explanation about Grendels way on looking on religion.

Another of my ideas that lead me to say that the theme for ?Grendel? is ?The world is yet to be explored? is that he thinks to know everything about humans including their weaknesses and also everything about their is to know about animal life. Grendel laughs at everything the humans do, some of these things that Grendel laughs at are the way people work out their civilization, the way they hunt and the way of their daily lives. When some priest were bowing to some image he laugh because he tough he knew about everything and what the humans made was just stupid. Probably the only thing Grendel though that was positive was his idea on war, I think he said humans were dumb to waste their money in wars or sacrifice their own lives for just to save a simple kingdom which was run by Hroghtulf, a very selfish person. Grendel also was wrong because he didn?t know about the reproduction of humans or either the private parts of human because he just said ?the ugly hole in between the girls leg? which has really another name that he doesn?t even have idea of what it is or what is it called. Even if Grendel knew everything about the kingdom he spied on was right he wasn?t even close of knowing everything about the world or its people because he only had lived near the kingdom. Grendel also thinks he knows the humans weakness but he might be wrong because at the end of this story he was surprised with the strength of the human that killed him. Grendel also laughed at the humans abilities in hunting, the example for this is when he saw how quiet the humans were when they killed the deer when he could have done it faster and with some noise. This has been my third and last example that brought my idea of the theme.

We conclude that the fiction story by the famous English writer named ?Grendel? has a theme of ?The World is yet to be explored?. I think this is the right theme for this story because Grendel thinks he knows everything about humans, animals and more but not really because in somethings his wrong so this brought the idea of my theme. If this story woulndt have had this theme it would had been boring.


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