The Haunting 2 Essay Research Paper The

The Haunting 2 Essay, Research Paper

The innocent victim standing and waiting alone in line, outside of the cold, and very rigid old mill, awaiting her friends to arrive. Face pale and fear stricken, with her arms clasped firmly together, and a twitching sensation running throughout her arms and legs; her eyes start growing wider as the fear grows stronger and more immense as the light that did overlook her had begun to fade, and disappear. As it grew darker, the sound of footsteps came closer, and with a sudden shock to the body, the lonely victim was not alone. Instead, of just one innocent victim, there are now four victims to face the old mill.

It is Friday night, and the date reads as October 13, 2000. In front of four people, is the line to the Best Haunted House Around! While the wait has come to an end, the light shines no more, pure darkness is above. First, the four victims climb up into an old, rust-colored wagon, pulled by a 1950, John Deere tractor, limited edition.

Sitting down side by side, with the feeling of hay snagging on their clothes, trying not to move to make the aroma of cow manure grow stronger than their noses can handle. Suddenly their bodies jerk back, hitting the bars of the wagon, leaving a rust residue on their coats. The ride has begun, wagon wheels very large and worn down, make the ride quite bumpy.

Time has passed, but still fifteen more minutes to go until the old mill is reached. Suddenly the driver turns around, eyes as yellow as a taxi and a mouth that only consists of a few teeth. With one look at the driver, the four friends became even closer to one another, holding on arm and arm; when suddenly a loud shriek of cries comes from the woods surrounding the tractor, and the old mill.

Spotlights start flashing in the woods, and shadows of ghost s appear on the large oak tree trunks. The wind picks up and the shadows disappear when suddenly a bombardment of leaves fall on top of the hay ride passengers. Screams came from everywhere, some of a loud high pitch tone and others that were low and quite death defying. The noises came to a stop, and so did the hay ride.

The passengers piled off in a quick fashion, leaving the four friends to be the last ones to exit the ride. The young girl, who waited in line alone, was the last to step down from the wagon. As her feet hit the ground, the driver of the tractor stared at her up and down, making her feel ill he said, Today is your lucky day.

Running and screaming trying to catch up with her friends, she slipped and fell. When being helped up by one of her friends, they noticed that she had landed in the middle of a circle composed of crushed chalk. Chills ran throughout the four fear-stricken bodies, not knowing what was going to happen, or knowing if they all would make it out safely. The time came that they all decided to forget about their fears and enter the old mill.

While walking up the steps to the old mill, the door suddenly flew open with the hinges squeaking, and dust falling from the ceiling above. Objects swaying back and forth from the ceiling, one by one the four walk in hope of nothing landing on their heads from above. With looks of relief on their faces, seeing a door ahead thinking they were done the tour, suddenly a black blur appeared.

All of a sudden two black walls had fallen from above separating the four friends. The separation left three of the friends to one side of the wall, and left the once lonely young girl, alone again.

Spooked, she left out screams and shrills as if someone was attacking her. Turning, every which way, it seemed that she had not way out, and no where to go. During her out burst of screams, the other three had already found their way out of the maze and the old mill.

In hope that someone would answer her, she left out one harsher scream. The girl had nothing left in her, so she stood motionless, with her face buried in her arms against the wall. As she stood hopeless, thoughts probably were running through her head of what brought her to this Haunted place? When all of a sudden she was grabbed from behind and dragged out of the black maze. Hearing the words repeated softly to her, Today is your lucky day.

When finally knowing she was outside of the haunted old mill, seeing her three friends, standing outside with looks of surprise, a suspicious feeling came over her. Finally she knew why she had come to this place; this haunted old mill, to let all of her fears behind her in life.


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