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Dreams And Their Effects Essay Research Paper

Dreams And Their Effects Essay, Research Paper

Dreams and their effects!

Dreams can occur every ninety minutes throughout the time spent asleep. Now I don’t know about you but I sleep most nights for about eight hours, this would mean that during the past year I could have had 1,941 dreams without even realizing it. Dreams are usually insignificant and have little if no affect on your life, just trying to recall a dream you have just experienced is rarely easy and often not possible.

This is the case until one night, when a dream comes along and smacks you straight in the face letting you know just how powerful the human imagination really is. You will experience this at least once in your life time, you will dream a dream that hits you so hard the scar will never fade, your mind never forget. This is my story.

It’s black, I don’t mean dark I mean black. Black is darker than dark, black is nothingness and I’m running. Running so fast, that all to familiar taste of blood forming at the back of my throat. My throat feels like someone or something has reached into my chest and ripped them to shreds. Each gasping breath whistles through my throat, I fear continuing may result in ripping the thin membranes of remaining tissue from my windpipe. The pain is like nothing I have ever experienced, previous painful episodes flash through my mind; bouts of meningitis, hospital stays, losing my tonsils, having my stomach pumped; nothing compares. What I’m feeling now, the mixture of terror and fear seems to feed my hurt strengthening it until it reaches and grows within my very soul in it quest to consume me. If I stop I fear I may be lost. My legs are going to give, I need to stop but I can’t because of whatever it is that is chasing me. The exact nature of my pursuer is something that to this day I am still unable to justify with a description that would allow you even a glimpse at the terror it projects apon those it stalks. It’s a heavy matter, darker than the darkest surrounding. It holds the murderers and rapists of our world and feeds of the suffering of others. It sucks the goodness and life from even the evilest of beings, the devil itself sweats in it’s presence. A black hole of evil and it’s after me.

So I run.

My mind is weakening and my thoughts slow. Images fade and the tornado of past emotions slows to the slightest whisper reminding my body what to do to mearly keep me alive. The surrounding air thickens. It’s like trying to run in a swimming pool; no matter how hard you push you seem capable of moving only an inch at a time. My need to breath drops, I still run but body is miles behind my mind. My feet no longer feel the need to hit the ground as I climb the invisible stairs though the liquid air. A plug has been pulled and the air is sucked from me. I struggle to fight the pull but I mind is too far ahead and unable to return, more comfortable crouched in the corner of my thoughts hidden from view.

The now jelly like air drags me back down the path that I so desperately have fled. I draw all my remaining strength for one last attempt to recapture my mind from the clutches of my terror but once inside I find myself empty, without substance. My effort futile, I succumb to the calling and allow my body to be taken. The darkness is approaching I can feel it and sweat breaks out all over my body. The thin layer of sweat is trapped between my body and the ever thickening air, it makes attempt of resistance impossible as my hands and feet find no friction. Curling up in a ball I know all is lost as I feel ‘it’s’ presence and then almost happiness as it engulfs me.

The windows to my soul are shut and I’m trapped unable to escape. I live now only in my mind, in complete black until the occasional memory breaks through flashing before my non-existent eyes and for that brief second I imagine myself alive.

“Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the shadow”

I think Elliot had this in mind because that’s where I am. I’m in the shadow hoping to return to you all, not with a whimper, but a bang. Still I wait “In death’s dream Kingdom.”

In death’s dream Kingdom.