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Beowulf 4 Essay Research Paper Arm yourself

Beowulf 4 Essay, Research Paper

Arm yourself, dear Beowulf, best of men, against such diseased thinking, [l419-1420] Horthgar said ot Beowulf. King Hrothgar had many thoughts to say after Beowulf s defeat of both Grendel and Grendel s mother. In that celebration in the mead hall, Hrothgar gives advice on how Beowulf should live the rest of his days, perticularly he should not become too proud. Pride leads to other impure things, such as being boastful about life, arrogance, greed, and not being gracious of what God has given to you.

In Hrothgar s speech to Beowulf, Hrothgar tells Beowulf not to be so boastful, that he is alive, and that some day death will catch up to him. Life is not always going to be there, that it can be taken away in an instant. He points out the different elements in life that might get hold of Beowulf, such as fire, war, and old age.

Arrogance is another subject that Hrothgar touches. Arrogance can lead to falling into other temptations, such as greed or pride. If arrogance gets into a person, it will grow deep into his or her soul. As a person becomes arrogant and greedy, he relies upon worldly possessions. He metaphorically compares it to an archer shooting an arrow through a watchman, watching its poisoned shaft go through the watchman s helmet, not being able to resist the devil s treacherous temptations. He realizes how much he has, then he gets a taste for more and more material possessions. All of this leads to that person not realizing what his destiny is and, perhaps, having his throne taken away from underneath him.

Also, Hrothgar gives the belief that one should be gracious for what God gives to people in life and use it wisely. He cautions Beowulf to use God s grace to rule kingdoms and countries. The wise king, Hrothgar, mentioned that Beowulf should use God as his stronghold because nothing can affect God in any shape; no illnesses, old age, mortal feuds or unhappiness have no effect on His heart.

Hrothgar has many inspirational concepts in his sermon to the brave warrior, Beowulf. The wise king suggests that Beowulf s life will be fulfilling if he does not let pride get the best of him. If he is gracious to God, courteous, not boastful, and not too proud about life then the rest of his young life, will be very fulfilling.

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