Cloning Or Clowning Around Essay Research Paper

Cloning Or Clowning Around? Essay, Research Paper

Scientists and doctors like the idea of cloning, however cloning whole human beings is not a good idea do to the new complications of keeping track and controlling people, the threat of a one man ruled world and it going against the law of nature. Cloning human body parts is a great idea. There wouldn’t be anyone waiting to get a heart, liver, or kidney transplant, people could get them when they need them. Cloning whole humans is not something we should be messing with. How would we keep track of everyone if they all had the same fingerprints and DNA structure? That would be really hard to do without infringing on some of the rights that we have in this country. The government can use a tattoo bar code system, but that would be against what is says in the Preamble, which guarantees the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Another big problem other than keeping track of these clones would be controlling them. Just like in the fictional book Jurassic Park they cloned dinosaurs for the purpose of entertainment. They thought they could control them like zoo animals, but they were wrong. They also only made female dinosaurs so that they couldn’t reproduce, but in then end nature found away. Also there is nothing in a DNA strand to tell how you will think or say what the soul will be like. DNA only tells what the physical features are and how to place them. Therefore, we can never clone how a person feels or how they might react to certain situations. A big draw back and reason that cloning should not ever occur is the accelerated aging process. Dolly, the first cloned mammal seems to be aging faster than normal (Austin 1). The faster aging of a human may have some great impacts on the 2mind. The mind could be at a sixth grade level of education, but the body could appear to be older than the parent’s body. With the unknown effects on the mind, what is to say that we could stop a clone from becoming a murderer? Everyone who has had a world history class knows something about Hitler. Hitler was looking to rid the world of imperfect people. With this kind of corruption it is said that some races are genetically better than others. (Tudge 278) If we start to clone humans we are basically saying that Hitler had the right idea. Human cloning is only an advanced way doing what Hitler did. A good point made by Levine, “Eugenics (literally ‘good in birth’), involving efforts to alter human heredity by selective breeding, reached its most repressive form in the Nazi attempt to establish their superiority in their campaign of ‘racial hygiene,’ which involved mass murders of so-call inferior people.”(Levine 221) We all come with something wrong. We’re too tall, too thin, and too fat, we have something genetically wrong with us, but that’s what makes us who we are. There is no such thing as the perfect human being. We are not all alike nor should we be. Human cloning in general threatens the idea of individuality (Bauer 2). With cloning Dolly, there was 277 failed attempts, which means 277 dead sheep to get one perfect one and Dolly still is not perfect with the rapid aging (1). If human cloning did occur there is a great concern of another Hitler rising. If this does occur all the natural conceived people on the plant might end up like the majority of the Jewish people back in the early 1940’s. Also who is to say that the person who is in charge couldn’t make the world one sex or even one race?

Frogs have been known to change sex if they are in a single sex environment. 3Bringing in the laws of nature, if one ruler made a single sex world, nature would eventually find a way to continue. Forcing these clones to change their sex to justify the laws of nature. If two parents were to have a cloned child by nuclear transplantation it would not harm the child physical. (Robertson 168-169) Although cloning humans becomes a chance for scientists to play God in the creation process, thereby causing defenseless numbers of babies to die under the name of medical advancement. Later, mentally the child my have some major problems. The child would wonder why he doesn’t look a thing like his parents. Also all life on the plant couldn’t be called nature any more because everything would be man made. If human cloning is done I am sure that science wouldn’t stop there. Scientists would find better ways of producing farm foods and animals. I guess McDonalds couldn’t say there meat is real beef any more, because the cows would be some kind of clone to make the meat taste better and be free of bacteria. Cloning can be used for infertile couples to finally have a baby they always wanted. Even if couples are infertile, there are still options other than cloning. Why not adopt? With cloned children, it means that there will be other children exactly like the one you have scattered throughout the world. With adoption, the child they would have is still unique. It may not be completely clear why we shouldn’t go out and clone people, but keep in mind how are we going to control and keep track of everyone, the treat of another Hitler, and the impacts on nature as a whole. Most common body parts would be great to clone for transplants for people that need them. I would never want an exact replica of me running around and giving my name a bad mark.


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