Deaf Like Me Essay Research Paper Deaf

Deaf Like Me Essay, Research Paper

Deaf Like Me: Reaction Paper

Deaf Like Me is an emotional tale of developmental hardship. In more ways than one the story carried me on an emotional roller coaster. I was upset through most of the readings, but there were parts when I could not stop laughing. Throughout the book Lynns s parents struggle to make their deaf child seem normal in a world where speech is normal , Lynn was not a speaker.

In the beginning, I was sad to learn that Louise was pregnant and had been infected with German measles. She knew that German Measles could affect her child in many ways. The child could have been born, blind, deaf, without some body part, arm, leg, fingers, toes, or all of the above. Knowing that information, Louise made a difficult choice to continue her pregnancy. Though she asked questions about aborting, she did not pursue it. That brought such a relief to me. It was a tough decision to make and one I have never faced. I was glad she looked to her husband for reassurance before making a mistake. After Lynn was born, everyone including the doctors characterized her as a normal healthy baby. Her parents were proud, to learn that after all the hurt, changes and decisions they went through over the past nine months; the baby came out with all her limbs, fingers and toes. Lynn was going to live a normal life, like other children.

The story took a turn when they discovered Lynn was deaf and began trying to make her speak and lip read. I was hurt, angry and saddened all at the same time. I begin thinking that Lynn did not deserve that kind of treatment. How could her parents do that to her, she s just a baby? What kind of parents are they anyway, to take their child through such turmoil? Then I realized, Lynn needed some type of intervention to be able to communicate. Hearing children begin communicating early in life because they can hear sound and repeat them. Deaf children have to learn to communicate in a different way, through signs, symbolism, and sometimes lip reading

When Louise and Bruce were preparing Lynn for her birthday party, It was so hilarious. I loved how Bruce was patient with her in trying to blow the whistle. I thought it showed how loving her sibling was to her. It did not seem to bother him that much that she was deaf. When Louise kept practicing with her on blowing out the candle. It was so touching and loving. I thought that was the point where everyone was starting to accept her the way she was.

When Lynn started going to the deaf school, I thought it was her ultimate achievement. Finally, she would be around people who were like her and could help her learn to communicate. I thought that was the best thing Louise and Tom could have done for Lynn. When she first start attending school, she didn t like it much and it seemed as though it was more frustrating to her than helpful. After she got the hang of it, and start learning, she loved it. I laughed when she would go to the bus stop on the weekends and the bus didn t run. I wondered did she not have a since of time, or was she just adamant about learning.

Lynn s parents did what any parent would do to help their child communicate in this discriminating nation. I was so proud, in the end when Lynn learned to sign and became a great communicator. It seems as though it took forever. I didn t think she was ever going communicate. I also felt like her parents were a little too harsh on her at times. They wanted their child to be normal and to be able to function on her own. In the end, Lynn s triumph was that she was excepted as being who she was, a deaf child. Lynn was able to get through all of that and it made me smile all over.


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