Yoga Essay Research Paper Jen ButlerNovember 191999Yoga

Yoga Essay, Research Paper

Jen Butler

November 19,1999


Yoga and HIV

When I read the article Strike a Pose , I was pleasantly surprised to find out about all the benefits yoga had to offer. I knew some people practiced yoga to relieve stress or to clear their mind but to actually relieve your body of illness was a shocker. The thing that caught my eye was the practice of yoga to help with the painful disease aids. It is wonderful to know that something as simple as yoga can provide relief for those in real pain.

I thought it was fascinating that yoga can reduce heart rates and improve lung function. I knew yoga was good for me and it increased my lung capacity but, I never thought it could actually reduce heart rate. The article points out that the purpose of yoga is to find a sense of stillness and how that helps you to quiet the mind helping you to relax. I find this to be true when I am involved in my postures and when I really relax.

One of the most interesting points I found about this article was with the posture, The half- spine twist. It was neat to know that by doing this exercise the toxins could be pushed from the liver then upon releasing, new blood goes in helping the tissue. I read the side effects of beginners and how they get sick but that to me is minimal compared to the benefits one can receive. It is amazing that more places are not open to this kind of holistic treatment.

The most interesting part of this article was the attention given to meditation. I know in my own life meditation is the key to my balance and harmony. I know the benefits of taking time to just reflect on your own day are very powerful. I also think it is the best way to be attuned to your body s needs at that particular time. I think it was neat how they added into the article a little history with the yogis and the benefits of their meditation.

I found this article to be informative an interesting. I know HIV is a painful disease and I think using yoga to help with the pain is great. I believe in holistic medicine and yoga is very beneficial in my own life. I know from my own experience that I am more calm and better to be around. I think yoga should be taught in all places where people go to get care from illness or otherwise. The benefits of yoga superceded what I thought they could be. This article enlightened me to some of the great benefits yoga can have on everyone who gives it a try.

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