Debate Pro School Uniforms Essay Research Paper

Debate Pro School Uniforms Essay, Research Paper

The wearing of uniforms is a greatly discussed issue, especially since we now know that it is a distinct possibility the London District Separate School Board will adopt a uniform policy in the coming years. Uniforms will give our school a more mature and serious look, as well as projecting a positive image to the community. Uniforms will instill a sense of pride and discipline in students, and promote a sense of respect and security.

School is a place to learn. Many students take advantage of class time as a time to goof off and talk with friends. If you were in uniform, you might start to treat teachers with the respect they deserve. You might even begin to treat fellow students and yourself with that same respect that is so lacking in our schools today. Just as you act mature when you dress up to go to a semi-formal dance, dressing in a uniform every day will force us to act like adults.

You might say that you don t want to dress the same as everyone else every day. Well, you won t have to. Uniforms have more options than you may think. There are kilts, pants, shorts, blouses, dress shirts, rugby shirts, golf shirts, sweaters and cardigans. These will all be in our school colours, and likely will have the CCH crest on it. Most uniform policies will allow you to choose your own footwear and, of course, there will be casual days when students will be allowed to choose their own attire.

Uniforms will eliminate the invisible boundaries between the different social classes in our schools. There will be no distinguishing between the rich and poor when everyone is wearing the same style of clothes. School uniforms would help a lot of people fit in better at school. You couldn’t be prejudiced about what you wear anymore. Also, school uniforms would save you money. You would only have to buy parts of the uniform once or twice a year, and then you would have the rest of your money to spend on whatever you want.

School uniforms are cost effective. The average price for an entire uniform, which you could wear for the duration of your high school career, (provided, of course, you don t grow out of it!) is under $400. Compare this to 3 pairs of designer jeans, and three tops, anywhere from $350 up, which you might buy every year. Not to mention that the uniform will last for many years, and when you grow out of it, it can be sold, or you could pass it down to siblings. Uniforms eliminate the need for new clothes every year.

For families who may have trouble affording the uniform, they can purchase the used uniforms of graduating students, or students who are leaving the school for any number of reasons. Reasonable payment plans may be available. They may be able to rely on the generosity of graduating students who opt to donate their uniforms back to the school when the leave.

Wearing uniforms has been proven to remarkably reduce incidences of school violence. Crimes in the school decrease from 50 to 60 percent on average. Often, someone not wearing the latest fashion or the coolest designer label is the target of violence and discrimination. Granted, the number of crimes in CCH is fairly low compared to that of schools in the United States, but they still occur. If you are wearing something not deemed in by a certain clique, they may stare you down in the halls or gossip about you at lunch. Uniforms are an effective way of eliminating these fashion boundaries. Basically, uniforms would decrease the division between the haves and the have-nots.

Do you feel safe at school? How often do you walk down the hall and notice someone that you know does not attend CCH? It happens pretty often, probably more often than you think. Did you know that there have been Beal students riding some of our schools buses for months? Maybe you as a student did, but bus drivers and school staff and administration didn t. Bus drivers could check for student cards, but students frequently forget them, and some students don t even have theirs yet. The easy solution? Uniforms would help in identifying strange students in our school, and on our buses.

The main objection against uniforms seems to be that we will get beat up by Beal and Central students because we will be so easily identifiable. We know Beal and Central students when we see them, even though they may be dressed the same as we are. They know who we are, regardless if we are wearing uniforms or not.

So you see, uniforms have many benefits. There are social, academic, and economic benefits. They will create a closer community within our school. Most of all, our school will look sharp and uniforms will create a safer learning environment for everyone.