Inperialism Essay Research Paper Imperialism what exactly

Inperialism Essay, Research Paper

Imperialism, what exactly is it. It is an idea that includes the expansion of a land by military, political, or economic means. The age of imperialism can be considered one of the most revolutionist periods of history. It was a time to explode or be exploded. The three aspects of imperialism were the mission behind it, the market and what it could produce, and the security supplied. Even though these aspects were all included in the ideals of imperialism, that does not necessarily mean they are created the same. The facts and examples throughout history can clearly show that mission is the most important aspect of America’s interest in imperialism.

Mission is the most important circumstance that let to the idea of imperialism. Mission is the initial motive behind this idea of expanding or exploding. Mission first started off with how much power the countries of the world had over the seas. Control of these seas was key to world dominance. With each country wanting to have as much power as possible, a naval race had begun. The mission, conquer as much water that could be done. From this idea of dominating the seas came the idea of traveling them too. Thus, in 1820 the first New England missionaries were sent to Hawaii. They were on a mission from God, preaching and converting the local natives was their goal. In the later years, sugar was discovered on Hawaii. The missionaries “forgot” about the word of God and focused their attention on this wealthy product. Even thought another aspect of imperialism (the market) is encountered, it all originated with the mission from God. Another specific example is how mission is the most important circumstance that led to the idea of imperialism is the Spanish American war. The motives of the war did not start as imperialistic motives. They were revengeful motives due to the strike by Pancho Villa on the United States. As the war progressed, the United States goals were to conquer (or at least monitor) the activity of the Caribbean region. The third and final idea of imperialism, security, became apparent at this time. Even thought security was a factor in the ideas on imperialism, this idea would have not been present if the mission of revenge was not sought out. Regardless wether or not the idea of market and security are noticed in the endeavors of imperialism, it is rooted to one idea, mission.

Market can be considered the next important idea for American interest in imperialism. When sugar was discovered on Hawaii, it quickly became a “gold mine” for the community of Hawaii. Ironically, the Unites States was “jealous” about the profit Hawaii was receiving that they issued a tariff called the McKinley Tariff. The purpose of this tariff was to block the imports of the Hawaiian sugar. Another example, the partly economic Cuban revolt was due to the American tariff of 1894. This tariff restored the high duties on this product. Another example is a man named James G. Blaine. He pushed his policy through many governments. When his policy was finally approved, it opened Latin American markets to American traders. Market did not only effect the citizens of the United States, but also the business. The businesses of the United States did not want war, for the fear of unsettled businesses. Not only was Spain a concern, but also the majestic islands on the Philippines. The possible profits from the Philippines were their possible trade profits. For each and every one of the previous examples the idea of security was not on the minds of the citizens. Making a profit was the first idea, then came the idea of security. Not securing the people of these lands from possible economic devastation, but rather securing how this money will be used and protecting it from other countries usage.

Even though security is the least motivative method for American interest in imperialism, that does not make it any less important. A specific example is the issue of Hawaii. The State Department warned the other powers of the world to keep their hands off Hawaii. A few years after this was declared, a treaty with the native government granted the United States priceless navalbase rights as Pearl Harbor. The purpose this base was to serve is the protection of the United States, inclusive of the Hawaiians. Friction was being created with California and Japan. The president at that time, Teddy Roosevelt, was worried that the entire US would have to deal with the troubles of the Eastern part. Thus, Teddy invited the entire San Francisco school district to Washington. He persuaded them to repeal their policy: All Japanese students would have to go to a special school due to the overcrowding of the city. Another example is when Spain sent a fleet of Spanish ships to Cuba. The result of this was panic throughout the United States. The citizens of the United States sent out a cry for protection from the Spanish ships. Another security function established was the establishment of military base on Cuba. The United States became the “sheriff” of the Caribbean. Monitoring the activity and assisting the countries with their troubles when needed.

In conclusion, the security was an important aspect needed for the total understanding of imperialism. Yet important, markets made more of an impact on the American interest in imperialism. They had one key ingredient that security did not have, money. Money is a very powerful object and can control anything it wants. But all things come from a motive, a mission. And this mission is considered the root of all actvities, that includes the security of a country or area and the money that is produced. The American interest in imperialism all came from one point, they had a motive to achieve something and went out on a mission to do so.


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