Baseball Satire Essay Research Paper America s

Baseball Satire Essay, Research Paper

America s Favorite Pastime

There is only one sport in this country that everyone loves passionately and follows intimately. This is the most intense and exciting sport ever known to mankind. Everyone in America is glued to the television set every night, watching intently, wondering what exciting play can immediately change the face of the game. This extremely fast paced game is often considered America s favorite pastime, and nobody in this country will be willing to disagree with this powerful statement. Baseball is often compared to candy because it is so sweet and it never gets old. Everyone in America has had an exciting experience that makes people crave the intensity of the sport.

The most exciting part of the game is arguably defense, and outfielders probably have the most fun out of all these defensive players. They get to stand there all game and wait for one chance to catch a difficult pop fly, or they get to pick up the weak grounders that make it past the diving infielders. They probably even have exhilarating bubble blowing contests with their fellow outfielder friends. The pitcher and the catcher also have a thrilling time communicating in sign language and often making sporadic trips to the mound to chat with one another. Their friends, the infielders, also have a lot of fun watching and waiting for them to organize a pitch that is hittable so they can join the sparkling action of the game. One of the infielders usually gets to make an electrifying and theatrical play at least every four hours, which is usually once a game. This game can t get anymore exciting can it folks?

Offense is the other part of the game that is sometimes considered more fun than defense, but only a few people take the side of the offense in this argument. People do not usually realize the extreme excitement involved in batting. Some people think that batters do not get enough appearances to the plate but they are surely mistaken. On average, each player gets to hit once every three innings, which is at least three times a game. Each batter is usually guaranteed to hit once an hour, and sometimes they don t even get to make contact with the ball. It is also great to watch the batter watch pitches go over the plate without even making an attempt to hit the ball. It is even better waiting for the pitcher to deliver a pitch every minute and usually when he finally does it results in a ball or strike that the batter never swings at. It must be even more exhilarating for the batter s teammates. They get to sit in the dug out and spit sunflower seeds while they watch the nonstop action from the sidelines. There is never a dull moment in this classic game of baseball.

It is obvious why baseball is our country s favorite pastime, because it consists of never ending excitement, which attracts its loyal fans. The fans help make the game because of their support and commitment to the game. Every part of the game is suspenseful and thank goodness the fun usually lasts for hours. Let s face it, without 160 games of baseball fun per season (not including playoffs), much of our time would probably be wasted in boredom. Thank God for baseball!

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