Othello 3 Essay Research Paper In the

Othello 3 Essay, Research Paper

In the play Othello, Shakespeare uses Iago, Cassio, Roderigo, and Othello to represent hatred, loyalty, love, and jealousy in mankind. Hatred being the thing of envy and ambition presented it self in may different forms. Loyalty being one of the forms, hatred presented itself as friendly and gracious. Loyalty also took on another form because with love one will be willing to do anything to obtain it. Jealousy taking on another form of hatred has control of over one s actions. Shakespeare makes the commentary that every male specie is different.

Iago was filled with hate in which he used to play on others mind. Iago stated to Roderiga, why, by making him uncapable of Othello s place: knocking out his brains, shows that he is willing to use anyone for his hatred against Othello. He would use anyone, he used his own wife Emila, to steal Desdemona handkerchief for his devious plan. Iago pretended to be Cassio friend so he can set him up to play on Othello hatred. Iago was the most form of hatred in the book, taking on many personalities to setup Othello.

Being a gentle man to everyone around him, Cassio had loyalty and had great manners. He would stick by Othello side through anything. He never knew he was being setup by Iago, but he always keep his loyalty to Othello. He had great manners especially when it came to women; these manners came into Iago theater in getting Othello mad. Cassio stating, I will rather sue to be despised than to deceive so good a commander with so slight, so drunken, and so indiscreet and officer, shows that he have lot of loyalty for Othello and it hurt him to think about betraying him. Othello was loyal and honest throughout the book.

Being driving by love, Roderigo would do anything to get Desdemona. Roderigo at the beginning begin to state bashful things to Brabantio about the Moor and his daughter. This action shows you that Roderigo is willing to do anything he can to get Desdemona. Roderigo stated to Iago that he will sale his land, this action shows that he is willing to give up all his property to win Desdemona. Roderigo furthermore, agrees to kill Cassio showing he will kill for the love of Desdemona. Roderigo had deep love for Desdemona that blinded him.

Being controlled by his actions, Othello had no control over his action. Jealousy had taking over so much of Othello mind he was willing to kill he love Desdemona. This action shows that he had no control over himself. He felt that his true friend Cassio had betrayed him by sleeping with his wife. This action shows that Othello had no train of thought. When Othello found out that Iago had set everything up, he realized the errors of his mistake. By realizing this, it shows that Othello didn t have control of what he did and let jealousy have control of his mind. Othello was a man truly in love but was blinded by jealousy.

Shakespeare shows that every male have a different way of thinking. Iago, a villain with an outward appearance of honesty but filled with hate, envy and ambition was will to use anyone to get back at Othello. Cassio was a gentleman that had loyalty for the position in which he held. Roderigo was willing to give up faith and property for the love he felt for Desdemona. Othello had courage and leadership by nature but was easily persuade by jealousy for the love he had for Desdemona. By producing the same situation from different points of views, Shakespeare shows us how every male act different.


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