Affirmative Action Essay Research Paper Herman Belzs

Affirmative Action Essay, Research Paper

Herman Belz?s stance on the issue of affirmative action suggests that he is

against selective employment. He discusses both sides of the issue, therefore

making his argument fairer. He backs up his thoughts by talking with various

professionals in the industry of affirmative action. He begins by talking about

the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and how it pretty much preached indifference

throughout the private employment workplace. He talks about how Title VII states

that groups under law cannot be discriminated against, but individuals can. It

seemed the law protected minorities in a whole but when individuals were dealt

with the law was not the same. His next point that he brings up deals with

disparate impact discrimination meaning ?the unintentional exclusion of blacks

from jobs constituted discrimination.? After this law was implemented

employers needed to have a certain amount of spots available for minorities or

it was considered illegal. Belz than argues that this is reverse discrimination

because if a white person is more qualified than a black person for the job, why

should the black person receive the job solely because he is black. With this

idea being implemented an employer has a lot of stress on him/her because he

might have a great number of white workers, but now the law requires him to hire

minorities, which he does not need currently because his business is doing just

fine. Belz?s next point states how the constitution says equal protection to

all people no matter what color or religion they are. Than basically he says

that blacks now have a law protecting them from the original constitution, which

is not fair because all people should be considered equal under the

constitution. Another point made by Belz is when he says that people should not

assume that if there was no discrimination that their would not be equal number

of minorities in the workplace. Belz feels that employment should be offered to

the most qualified individuals and not to individuals of minorities. The final

point made by Belz is that when a minority receives help from affirmative action

he/she is not actually receiving the job from their skill level but solely

because of their race. Harvey Mansfield says that individuals of minorities are

not able to help themselves so basically they require assistance from the

government. Belz believes that the government should re-think the affirmative

action program and start to the back the innate rights of the people.


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