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Homecoming Essay Research Paper Plain Homecoming

Homecoming Essay, Research Paper

Plain Homecoming’s most important part takes place a few hours outside of

Manhattan at Annette’s, the Grandmother of the Byrne family, elegant country

home. Most of the family, Gene, Ellen, Mark, Aaron, Brenda, Cynthia, Andrew,

live in Manhattan. Lewis and Daisy live in Washington. It happens during the

winter. Annette Byrne is the mother of Gene and Lewis. The two brothers grew up

close and worked together in an architecture firm. One evening at an opening

party, for a hotel that they had constructed with their successful firm,

collapsed. Many people died, and many were seriously injured. They went to trial

and it was very dirty and tore the brothers apart. For the next many years the

two brothers didn’t’ talk. Gene’s daughter Ellen and Lewis’ daughter Cynthia

didn’t talk often and they lived in the same city. Gene’s daughter Ellen left

her fianc?, a very wealthy well-known man, for Mark. Mark worked in an art

gallery, and they fell in love. Gene didn’t’ approve of this, but dealt with it.

Gene gave her a hard time about her marriage for a long time, because Mark was

Jewish. Mark’s parents were Aaron and Brenda. Aaron was a doctor, and Brenda was

a social worker. Gene and Aaron met once and didn’t’ get along at all and

haven’t spoke since. Ellen and Mark had a baby Lucy, and about four years later

they had a second child Freddie. Mark and Ellen were very happy and saving up to

start open an art gallery. At about the same time as Freddie’s birth, Lewis’

daughter, Ellen, had twins. Ellen married a man named Andrew. They were very

happy together, and very successful. When the twins were about twelve months

old, they were hit by an out of control taxicab while out for a walk with the

nanny. Cynthia and Andrew supported each other, but then began to drift apart.

One night at a party they were just beginning to become close again, and start a

new, and Andrew cheated on Cynthia. She kicked him out of the house, and hasn’t

talked to Andrew since. Annette had enough of all of this foolish fighting. She

sneakily sent letters to each member of the family inviting them to come out and

stay at her house. Each member of the family didn’t know of the other member’s

invitation. The day that everyone was to arrive at Annette’s house, Gene arrived

first, then Lewis, Daisy and Cynthia came together, next Ellen, Mark, their

children, and Mark’s parents arrived together, Andrew was the last one to

arrive. Andrew came alone. When Gene and Lewis were first together, they argued

in the garden room. They yelled and screamed about the past, while their mother

just listened. It seemed hopeless, and Daisy insisted they leave. While the

brothers were arguing all the others were in the foyer, uneasily mumbling to

their allied family members. The weather was bad and everyone wanted to leave,

but Annette insisted that they stay because of the weather, and plus she had a

meal prepared. Annette’s friend Marian was over the house incase Annette needed

support, which Annette did. Many of the family members were angry with her for

putting them in this situation. Marian convinced them all to stay for lunch.

After lunch, Ellen takes her two children down to the pond to see the swans.

While they were down there Lucy ran down after the swans and fell into the icy

lake. Ellen ran after her and fell in too. Mark saw this and ran to the lake, he

was followed by the rest of the family. Andrew got a rope and tied Daisy to it.

Daisy went in the lake, after Mark had grabbed Ellen out of the water, and

grabbed Lucy. Both Ellen and Lucy were unconscious and not breathing. Aaron, who

is a doctor, saved Lucy, and Lewis saved Ellen. Everyone, now back in the house,

slowly began to get along; everyone except for Cynthia and Mark. Gene and Lewis

came to an understanding about their whole fiasco, Daisy began to talk to Mark,

and Gene had been friendly with Aaron. That night Mark went to Cynthia’s room.

He refused to leave, and fell asleep on her floor. She woke up in the middle of

the night and covered him with a blanket. He woke up, and they talked and

decided to save their marriage. Everyone goes to sleep peacefully that night,

and the family is one again. The theme of this book is that no matter what

happens, under any circumstances, never turn your back on family. Don’t lose

sight of what is important, and always know that family will be there no matter

what. Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean that they won’t hurt you. They

may not mean to hurt you, but they might hurt you. Although they may hurt you

they love you, and love is stronger than anything. I found this book wonderful.

This was the best book I have read this year. It was short and to the point.

There weren’t many, if any, boring parts of this book. Homecoming was an easy

read, and I would recommend it to anyone. It sent a strong message, and left you

with a good feeling.