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Montauk Point Essay, Research Paper

Montauk Point

On the South-easternmost tip of Long Island, lies the small fishing hamlet of Montauk Pt, NY. Quiet and sparsely inhabited during the cold winter months of the bare season, it sits alone. Each summer season the population swells with a wave a tourists, fisherman, and others who are fortunate to have residence during this beautiful season. The largest attraction, a seaside historic landmark, is the lighthouse. This extravagant structure, was commissioned by our First Father, George Washington.

But there is a darker side of the seaside village, that many are not aware of. Montauk Point has a secret. Within mere walking distance of the monumental lighthouse lies a derelict military facility, also known as Camp Hero. In the distance and extremely large in tact radar dish, sits atop an “abandoned” building. A building I climbed inside.

Records show that Camp Hero was officially evacuated and decommissioned by the US Air Force in 1969. It was said to be reopened and operated without US Government permission. Only this time,

speculation revealed that it was being fully operated and utilized underground. Thus leaving the Montauk Project to carry on covert operations. A brief description of The Montauk Projects operations can be explained by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, authors of “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” :

“The Montauk Project was a development

and culmination of the phenomena

encountered aboard the USS Eldridge

in 1943.”

Experiment conducted on the USS Eldridge are popularly known as the Philadelphia Experiment, a series of experiments conducted by the US Navy involving Radar invisibility and time travel. It is said that The Montauk Project was involved in research and experimentation’s in mind control an possible break through. The Montauk Project reached its climax in research and experiment in 1983. At this point the Project effectively opened a hole into time travel, and transported into 1943, forty years prior.

As far as my possible involvement goes, I was quite interested in seeing this derelict base with supposed covert underground operations. So I did. A friend of mine who had been there before volunteered to take me. So on August 5, 1999 we headed out and arrived at dusk. After wondering around for a while we walked down the asphalt path, which led to a dirt road. We walked along this dirt path for some time, all the while passing numerous signs of No Trespassing. We finally reached a few gates and were able to climb right through them. After walking for what seemed like forever, we finally were able to see the radar tower, and a few broken down cottages. With a simple turn in our path we came to everything. about four or five huge buildings falling apart, but still accessible.

Upon entering a large circular building, there we found many different variations of strange equipment, machinery, wires, and tables. Often while trekking through the camp we would find what seemed to be basement or cellar doors, although thoroughly locked and bolted shut. We tried many times to open them, thinking they would lead us to the underground area still said to be in use, but to no avail, we failed.

Throughout our tour each of the buildings had a similarity throughout them. It was this strange sense I felt. A strange mixture between mechanical being and medical procedure. We also found discarded machinery in heaps outside the main building with the radar dish. Unfortunately even though we were inside the building of the tower we could not get close to the dish itself or any control rooms said to operate it. It could be that the most important part of this journey was the last. In which upon our exit we encountered a white medical-like truck. We hid for what would turn into almost three hours in the woods. Thinking the way was clear came out of hiding and rushed through the compound when we made our final turn we could see the gate to freedom. Just then we heard a car coming towards us. Thinkng it was the same truck from before we dashed into the woods only to be confronted instantaneously by a green SUV with two men sternly seated inside. With their grim looks we knew we were going to be in trouble.They stepped out asked us what we were doing there and began to tell us the laws of trespassing and repeatedover and over that is government property. We decided to play dumb and apologize. Well that was not good enough for them because soon enough they were searching our bags, destroying my film, and confiscating the batteries to my camera. Their explanation was that this was government property and we were plain as day trespassing. We did not oblige, and were asked to be on our way. Soon after they sped way, we were gone as well.

This event by far was extremely important to me. My life is rather bleak, so seeing this true life conspiracy was well worth while. I plan to go soon and try to videotape the findings. I feel my story is much more believable with documentation. I want people to see the desolate areas. I want people to feel the emptiness with a slight energy running about. I want people to feel and see what I saw. Until then this story will always remain memory in my life.


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